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Best Practices For Using iPads in the Restaurant Industry

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iPads in the Restaurant Industry

The deployment of mobile devices throughout the hospitality industry is quickly expanding. 86% of organizations are currently in the research or pilot phase of deployment, with many implementing mobile devices with the goal of improving communications, reducing costs or increasing revenues.

Would it surprise you to learn that 73% of organizations fail to plan how they’ll centrally charge and secure those devices, limiting their program’s ability to achieve intended results? This list of best practices for using mobiles devices like iPads in the restaurant industry will help you succeed in your mobile device rollout.

Improve communication between front-of-house and back-of-house. Providing accurate orders to back-of-house staff is an absolute must, and is hard to do unless your devices are charged. Centralized, secure charging sets up this communication by arming employees with a ready-to-use device. Make sure your employees always know where to find a fully-charged device. A tablet and iPad charging station such as the iQ 10 Charging Station or the Putnam 8 Charging Station are the perfect solutions.

Increase customer satisfaction. Mobile devices can offer customers an improved experience and allow you to gain customer insights. Your staff will be able to solve customer issues quickly and effectively, as well as offer flexible payment options on the iPad or mobile devices. In fact, Apple Pay usage grew 50% in 2017, with more and more customers looking to utilize it in restaurants and stores. According to QSR Magazine, iPads also allow servers to “walk around the dining room, input orders, and collect payment from individual customers. The food can be delivered directly to the table much as it is in many fast-casual establishments already”, which is why they’re so popular among staff and customers alike. By ensuring a smooth mobile deployment plan, your restaurant will be able to meet customer demands while avoiding the hiccups of modernization.

Make sure you always know where your devices are, and keep them locked up when they’re not in use.  A secure charging station lowers your per-employee cost by reducing the number of lost or stolen devices–ultimately positively affecting your bottom line. Misplaced and uncharged devices can lead to lost productivity and missed sales opportunities. Tablets in the back-of-house are also at risk of damage from hazardous foods and materials, so providing secure storage options for staff is the greatest way to prevent issues further down the line.

Improve efficiency in back-of-house. Using mobile devices to fulfill orders is the best way to stay organized. Chefs can quickly peek at what’s needed next, and can mark a meal as complete with just a swipe. Tablets can assist with inventory management, so food costs remain low and staff can be sure there are enough ingredients for the day’s menu items. As long as they have a fully-charged device ready to go, they’ll be more efficient than ever.

Use the mobile devices for more than just orders. Show your visitors photos of the food they’re ordering, have them look at an online menu, and even request positive online restaurant reviews via your mobile devices. Use your mobile devices to the fullest extent they can be used, so you can get the largest return on investment.

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