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Provide efficient access to ready-to-go devices.

Laptop, tablet, Chromebook, or handheld devices need a full charge while not in use. An on-prem changing cart or charging station offers secure, yet quick device charging and access to a group of people whenever needed.


Trusted by leading schools and businesses worldwide.

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Solutions that meet the needs of your unique workflow.

Our ultra-flexible charging stations, charging carts, and smart locker systems are designed to keep up with your ever-evolving device program.

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Charging solutions and systems designed for every learning and working environment.

With a wide variety of features, benefits, capacities, and configurations, feel confident that you’re selecting a product mix that matches your requirements.


Looking for a better way to control and track device check out/in?

With a FUYL™ Smart Locker System, you can remotely control who can access devices and automate tracking for check out and return.

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Speed up daily device 'grab & go' with highly-efficient charging solutions.

Hand Out Devices Using Carrying Baskets

Our device carrying baskets are a true LocknCharge original. They were designed with efficiency for your learning or working environment in mind, so you can easily hand out and pack up five devices at one time.

Space Out Multiple Charging Stations

If baskets aren’t for you, consider buying smaller charging stations and spacing them out to avoid time-wasting bottlenecks.

Maintain the Right Level of Oversight

If group access to a pool of devices serves your needs, a charging station or cart might fit the bill. If individual, controlled access to a device is preferred, a Smart Locker System is a great option.

Customer Stories

Hear the real-world experiences of our customers as they reflect on the impact our unique solutions have on improving efficiency for their organization.

Customer Voices: Teacher Gets Back Valuable Instruction Time by Using the Putnam 16
Discover how teacher Shane Austin maximizes lesson time by efficiently charging devices and staying organized.
Customer Voices: THRIVE Affordable Vet Care Uses Tech to Provide Quality Pet Care
THRIVE® Affordable Vet Care has emerged as a thought leader in the space by incorporating iPads & the LocknCharge CarryOn Charging Station into their workflow.
Customer Voices: Hardware Support Manager Finds Perfection with Custom Solution
Listen to the Hardware Support Manager at Denton ISD, talk about how they worked with LocknCharge to create the perfect solution for charging multiple Chromebooks.

Helpful Resources

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