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EPIC 24 and 36
Charging Carts

Enjoy time-saving features at our most affordable price point with this ultra-durable, front-loading charging cart for mobile devices.

  • Charges 24 or 36 Chromebooks, tablets, or laptops*.
  • Efficient device transport and charging.
  • Designed for flexibility and long-lasting durability.

Affordability meets value.

Don’t compromise between high-value features and affordability. The high-capacity EPIC™ Charging Cart packs more punch than the average front-loading cart at a highly-attractive price point.


Tidy, easy-to-access cable management.

A secure, back panel to access cabling makes it simple to swap out cords and bricks as needed. With a separate lock and key, you can rest easy knowing that only authorized personnel are accessing power supplies.

EPIC 24 Charging Cart_ Alternating Content 2

A smarter use of classroom or office space.

EPIC™ Charging Carts give you all the storage space you need while taking up even less space than a typical charging cart.

EPIC 24 Charging Cart_ Alternating Content 3

Save significant time setting up your carts.

Need to deploy your 36 or 24 device charging cart quickly? Save time and headaches by ordering your EPIC Charging Cart pre-wired with USB-C cables.


Additional Benefits

Every use case, industry, and environment has unique priorities. These front-loading charging carts are flexible to meet your needs in a variety of applications.

Charge Devices Overnight

For organizations that choose to keep devices at school or work overnight, a multi device charging cart is a must-have tool. Feel confident that devices are accounted for at the end of the day, secured overnight, and charged up in the morning.

Transport Technology

Safely and easily move technology from place to place to facilitate programs that share devices for one-to-many programs, testing, or training. This may also include specialty devices, STEM equipment, or expensive gaming devices. Whatever the case, the EPIC Charging Cart can transport multiple devices at one time.

Provide Group Access to Devices

Designating a secure place to check out, return, charge, and store devices ensures that students and employees are always ready-to-go when needed.

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Enjoy unique front-loading cart features that soar above the rest. Expect to save time, money, and headaches when using or maintaining your LocknCharge products.

Universal devices-blue
Universal, multi device compatibility

From Chromebooks to laptops to tablets, EPIC Charging Carts accommodate devices of various sizes up to 14” screen size with or without a case.


Store Items on Top-blue
Store items on top

In space-strapped areas, use the top of this cart to store pretty much anything you’d like.


ECO Smart Power Management-blue
ECO Smart power management

Intelligent charging automatically senses current draw and delivers power to each of the four power banks, allowing the maximum number of devices to safely charge at one time.


Ultra Secure-blue
Ultra secure

Protect your device investment and power supplies without worry. Lock away devices in one storage area with a padlock and keys – and secure power supplies in separate compartments with a separate padlock and keys. 


Removable plastic dividers

This cart is not limited to just tablet, laptop, or Chromebook devices. Simply remove the steel dividers, and the open-concept shelves can accommodate anything that fits – robots, STEM equipment, drones, and more.


Robust Warranty-blue
Robust warranty

Should any issues arise, our products are backed by a robust warranty and supported by a dedicated customer support team.


Tech Specs

Compare all products in the EPIC Charging Cart line.

EPIC™ 24 Charging Cart

EPIC™ 24 Charging Cart

24 Mobile Devices


Universal | iPad | Tablet | Chromebook | Laptop
*Not recommended for MacBook devices.


25.7 in (L) x 24.1 in (W) x 33.3 in (H) | 77 lbs




Shelves: 15.3 x 1.18 x 9.8”


110V Outlets


USB-C Prewired Optional


Keyed Padlock

EPIC™ 36 Charging Cart

EPIC™ 36 Charging Cart

36 Mobile Devices


Universal | iPad | Tablet | Chromebook | Laptop
*Not recommended for MacBook devices.


25.7 in (L) x 24.1 in. (W) x 44.3 in (H) | 95 lbs




Shelves: 15.3 x 1.18 x 9.8”


110V Outlets


USB-C Prewired Optional


Keyed Padlock

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Hear from Customers

"LocknCharge products are key to us protecting our investment in our technology."
Dr. Darryl Adams,
Superintendent of Schools,
Coachella School District
We feel peace of mind with these carts."
Michelle Murphy,
Executive Director of Technology Services,
Coachella School District
"LocknCharge is one of our valued strategic partners when it comes to the success of our students."
Israel Oliveros,
Directory of Technology, Services Coachella Valley Unified School District

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