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Hold device users accountable.

Lower your organization’s rates of device breakage and shrinkage by controlling and tracking device access and return.


Automated tracking keeps loaner devices in check.

With the ability to accurately and consistently track who is taking or returning a device, tech managers can more easily locate missing assets and enforce policies related to device use and care.

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Sustain your mobile device fleet long term.

When a student or employee breaks, loses, or forgets their device, tech managers can limit their ability to check out multiple loans at one time. These parameters minimize device loss to systematically safeguard the spare pool and save money.

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Uncover the root cause of repeat device loans at the individual level.

By tracking loaner access, tech managers can identify students or employees who are regularly breaking, losing, or forgetting their devices. These reports can help solve challenges occurring at the individual level and solve problems at the root cause.

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Use Cases for LocknCharge Smart Locker Systems

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices to improve academic achievement and increase workplace efficiency.

Broken Device Exchanges

Device users can swap a broken device for a replacement in minutes.

Short-Term Device Loan and Return

Device users can quickly borrow a device with minimal interruption to others.

Controlled Device Check Out / Check In (Individual Access)

Specific devices can be assigned and accessible to certain individuals.

Long-Term Device Deployment and Collection

Efficiently deploy onboarding materials to those joining or moving within your organization – and collect assets from those who are leaving.

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