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The most efficient way to loan devices.

Forgotten or lost devices shouldn’t hinder student or employee productivity. A Smart Locker System can streamline tech management processes so that students or employees can self-authenticate and access temporary loaners in minutes.


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Maximize in-seat time for students.

Even the most responsible students can forget their devices at home from time to time. Empower students to get back to learning faster by streamlining self-service to loaner devices via a Smart Locker System.

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Simplify tech management processes.

Lessen the burden of on-site, manual device loans by using a FUYL™ Smart Locker System to streamline access, deployment, and collection of loaner devices – so you can get back to the things that matter most.

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Hold students and employees accountable for devices.

Device users can check out a loaner device via a Smart Locker, while the system automatically tracks who is taking and who is returning a device. Accurate records enable your organization to enforce accountability, which can reduce device loss and save money.

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Improve device loan and return processes with the FUYL Smart Locker System.

Provide Instant, Self-Serve Access to Temporary Loaners

When a device is forgotten or lost, users can self-authenticate via the FUYL Kiosk app to instantly access an appropriate loaner device from a Smart Locker – all without assistance.

Track Assets to Know Who Has What

If the loaner pool ever runs low, IT Admins can quickly see who has possession of a loaner device and track down any that need to be returned.

Limit Access to One Loaner per Person

Worried that the same student or employee will take multiple loaners? Rest easy. You can limit one loaner check out at a time per authorized user.

Integrate with Your Ticketing System

Integrate your FUYL™ Smart Locker System with your help desk ticketing platform.

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Ogdensburg City School District improved device management for 750 students using LocknCharge's FUYL Smart Lockers and Learn21's kiosk system, boosting efficiency and satisfaction.
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FUYL Tower Smart Charging Lockers are automating the loaner device check-out/in process for substitute teachers at Niles Township. Read Story.

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