New Kiosk. New Portal. A better Smart Locker System for managing hardware assets. EXPLORE NOW.

Minimize device downtime for students and employees.

Ensure devices needed to work or learn are always accessible, charged up, and ready to go.


Don’t let device issues derail achievement.

Are forgotten, uncharged, missing, or broken mobile devices hurting productivity? Get device users back to working and learning faster by providing instant, self-service access to mission-critical tech.

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Automate IT hardware support.

Meet the IT support needs of your organization in less time and with fewer people by providing streamlined, yet controlled, access to devices. Even high volumes of help desk issues can be handled quickly.

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Consistently keep devices in service.

Seemingly simple challenges such as uncharged, unsecured, or misplaced devices can cause serious disruption. With a wide variety of charging solutions to choose from, you can find a solution that best fits your needs and minimize device downtime.

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Use Cases for LocknCharge Smart Locker Systems

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices to improve academic achievement and increase workplace efficiency.

Broken Device Exchanges

Device users can swap a broken device for a replacement in minutes.

Short-Term Device Loan and Return

Device users can quickly borrow a device with minimal interruption to others.

Controlled Device Check Out/In (Individual Access)

Specific devices can be assigned and accessible to certain individuals.

Secure Individual Charging

Devices that need a top off during the day or overnight can be securely charged without any worry of theft or loss.

Device Check Out/In (Group Access)

A pool of centrally-stored devices can be accessed by a group of people.

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