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Laptop Charging Stations, Laptop Charging Carts, and Smart Locker Systems

Our high-quality laptop charging solutions provide reliable access to ready-to-go laptops and MacBooks® for students, teachers, employees, and more.


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Laptop and MacBook charging solutions designed for every learning and working environment.

With a wide variety of features, benefits, capacities and configurations, feel confident that you’re selecting a product mix that aligns with your top priorities.

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Flexible laptop charging solutions save time and money.

Mitigate ancillary costs of hardware refreshes, lessen time spent re-evaluating and replacing charging solutions, and reduce your e-waste contribution with universal charging solutions that evolve with the times.

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Laptop and MacBook loans and replacements, made simple.

High volumes of forgotten, lost, and broken devices shouldn’t derail your time and budget. Assign instant access to loaner or replacement devices via a Smart Locker System.

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Advantages of Laptop and MacBook Charging Solutions by LocknCharge


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Fast setup, easy maintenance

Speedy setup, ease of serviceability, and world-class customer support are key reasons why organizations choose LocknCharge.

Time-saving device carrying baskets

Many of our laptop charging solutions include handy little baskets for efficient and safe hand out and pack up of devices.

Robust Warranty-blue
Built to last, backed by robust warranty

Feel confident that your charging cart and charging station will withstand the wear and tear of your environment while contributing less e-waste to the landfill.

Small Footprint-blue
Space-saving, compact designs

No need to cram 10 lbs. of charging solutions into a 5lb. environment. All of our products are optimized for areas tight on space.

Pre-wired with USB-C or Lightning-blue
Pre-wired with USB-C or Lightning 

Save time setting up your carts or stations. Many of our products come pre-wired with USB-C or Lightning cables.

ECO Smart Power Management-blue
Smarter, eco-friendly charging

EcoSafe and EcoSmart charging technology safely charges 20-40 devices without electrical overload or energy overconsumption.


Explore Products

Laptop Charging Stations

Charge, store, and secure 8-32 mobile devices.
Revolution™ 32 Charging Cabinet

High-capacity, small-footprint station with racks. Pre-wired optional.

32 Devices | Universal
Carrier™ Charging Stations

Flexible, compact station with baskets and racks. Pre-wired optional.

10 or 15 Devices | Universal
Putnam™ 18 Charging Station

Small footprint station with shelves. Pre-wired optional.

18 Devices | Universal

Laptop Charging Carts

Charge, store, secure, and transport up to 20-40 mobile devices.
Joey™ Charging Carts

High-value, top-loading cart with baskets and racks. Pre-wired optional.

30 or 40 Devices | Universal
Carrier™ Charging Carts

Ultra-durable, top-loading cart with baskets or racks. Pre-wired optional.

20, 30, or 40 Devices | Universal
EPIC™ Charging Carts

Affordable, front-loading cart with dividers. Pre-wired optional.

24 or 36 Devices | Universal

MacBook and Laptop Smart Locker Systems

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices.
Loan devices

Easily loan devices to students or employees who forget or lose their device.

Exchange broken devices

Quickly exchange a broken device when experiencing a hardware issue.

Check out devices

Efficiently provide self-serve access to a device for employees to do their work.

Top off flat devices

Securely charge institution-issued or personal devices that lose charge, without worry.

Customer Stories

Hear the real-world experiences of our customers as they reflect on the impact our unique solutions have on improving efficiency for their organization.

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