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Enable secure student device charging during the day.

Whether a student brings their device to school uncharged or it loses charge during the day – a dead device will prevent learning. Get students back up and running quicker by enabling them to safely charge their device inside a Smart Locker.


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Feel confident that students' school-issued or personal devices are secure when charging.

When a device is left alone to charge in a wall outlet, it often winds up lost, stolen, or damaged. Offering individual, secure student device charging provides peace of mind to students and tech teams alike.

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A Smart Charging Locker System that’s easy for students.

Quick accessibility and ease of use ensure lockers become an integral part of IT services for students. Place lockers in hallways, lunch rooms, locker rooms, etc. to accommodate device charging for hardware that is school-assigned, personal, or even BYOD.

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Control locker access and maintain oversight.

Maintain control over who can access a public charging locker while remotely supervising bay status and the bay user to ensure all items are properly collected.

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Keep devices charged all day with a FUYL™ Smart Locker System.

Securely Charge Devices

When a device goes flat during the day, students can securely charge it inside an individually-lockable smart locker bay and retrieve it later.

Empower Students to Prepare for Learning

Not every class requires the use of a device – providing the perfect window of opportunity for a student to charge their device between classes. By placing lockers in hallways, locker rooms, lunchrooms, etc., students can better prepare for in-seat learning.

Extend the Life Cycle of Your Devices

Battery health often declines over the life of the device. By offering secure, public charging, even devices that no longer hold a charge throughout a school day can remain in circulation.

Customer Stories

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Case Study: Empowering Students with Device Charging Stations at Deforest
Students needed to charge laptops, tablets or Chromebooks during the day. This school district implemented FUYL Tower Smart Lockers to help.
Case Study: SEG Exceeds Customer Expectations with Access to Secure Charging Stations
The LocknCharge FUYL Tower is a Charging Station with 15 individually-lockable compartments that works just like a hotel safe, making it possible for attendees to charge multiple mobile devices during conferences around the world.

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