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Carrier 10 and 15
Charging Stations

A universal charging station that accommodates a variety of mobile devices needed to work or learn. 

  • Charges 10 or 15 Chromebook, tablet, laptop, iPad®, or MacBook® devices.
  • Efficient and safe device hand out, pack up, and storage.
  • Designed for simple setup, easy use, and long-lasting durability.

Safe and efficient hand out and pack up of devices.

Our device carrying baskets are a true LocknCharge original. They were designed with efficiency for your learning or working environment in mind, so you can easily carry five devices in each hand at one time.

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Future-proof your charging station investment.

Even as your mobile devices change, this universal charging station will accommodate nearly any device today and well into the future. Plus – the station’s durable, steel construction offers peace of mind for years to come.

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Minimize cord chaos by keeping power supplies organized and secure.

The unique cabling system features a top compartment to hide power bricks, a rubber channel to hold cables in place, and access to power connectors from the front to quickly connect cables after use.


Set up your Carrier Charging Station in minutes.

Setting up a Carrier Charging Stations is simple – and for those short on time, or in need of a second set of cables, you can order your station pre-wired with USB-C power supplies.


Additional Benefits

Every use case, industry, or environment has unique priorities. Carrier™ Charging Stations are flexible to meet your needs in a variety of applications.

Charge Devices Overnight

For organizations that choose to keep devices at school or work overnight, a wall-mounted charging station is a must-have. Feel confident that devices are accounted for at the end of the day, secured overnight, and charged up in the morning.

Transport Devices

Give students or employees the opportunity to get involved in sharing device management or classroom responsibilities. Our device baskets enable a safer process to carry devices to and from tables or groups, even by younger children.

Provide Group Access

Designating a secure place to check out, return, charge, and store devices ensures that students and employees are always prepared to learn or work.

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These unique features are designed to save time, money, and headaches when using or maintaining your LocknCharge stations.

Universal devices-blue
Universal, multi device compatibility

Charge up to 10 or 15 of almost any device, with or without cases.

Small Footprint-blue
Small footprint

This wall-mounted charging station adapts to your surroundings. Transform any wall or counter into a secure area for charging mobile devices while taking up minimal space.

Ultra Secure-blue
Ultra secure

Protect your device investment without worry. Lock away devices in the main storage area with a stainless steel padlock and keys. 

Long-term affordability

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. This mobile device charging station is built to last, which offers significant long-term cost savings.

Baskets and Racks-blue
Includes device baskets and racks

Carrier Charging Stations come standard with either two or three baskets. You can also remove the baskets and use the provided metal racks to accommodate larger devices or thicker cases.

Robust Warranty-blue
Robust warranty

Should any issues arise, our products are backed by a robust warranty and supported by a dedicated customer support team.

Tech Specs

Compare all products in the Carrier Charging Station line.

Carrier™ 10 Charging Station

Carrier™ 10 Charging Station

10 Mobile Devices


Universal | iPad | Tablet | Chromebook | Laptop | MacBook


26.29” (H) x 16.54” (W) x 13.37” (L) | 44.1 lbs


Large Baskets: 14.56 x 9.22 x 0.96”


Wire Racks: 17.72 x 11.61 x 1.33”


110V Outlets


USB-C Prewired Optional


Keyed Padlock

Carrier™ 15 Charging Station

Carrier™ 15 Charging Station

15 Mobile Devices


Universal | iPad | Tablet | Chromebook | Laptop | MacBook


27.9” (H) x 23.5” (W) x 13.4” (L) | 63.9 lbs


Large Baskets: 14.56 x 9.22 x 0.96”


Wire Racks: 18.7 x 11.61 x1.22”


110V Outlets


USB-C Prewired Optional


Keyed Padlock

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Hear from Customers

"LocknCharge did a great job of trying to meet the needs of what we specifically had in mind."
Judy Bush,
Hardware Support Manager,
Denton ISD
"It's really been great to know that the Chromebooks are always there, they're quickly available and they're always charged."
Tyler Horner,
Bettye Myers Middle School,
Denton ISD
"We don't have to worry about devices not being charged."
Michelle Brown,
Pecan Creek Elementary, Denton ISD

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