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Easy access to mobile devices.

Improve efficiency for government employees who routinely check out mobile devices, and provide community members with greater access to mobile device technology.


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Make device checkouts for government employees easy and efficient.

Employees who work in facilities management, public works, parking enforcement, law enforcement, transit, and other departments can easily access and return their assigned mobile device needed to work.



Charging solutions designed for every environment.

For departments that don’t need to restrict or track device access – charging solutions for government provide a centralized location to charge and secure devices when not in use.

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Maximize device uptime for employees.

The benefits of mobile technology are lost if devices aren’t working properly. Get employees back to work in minutes by simplifying cumbersome, manual device exchanges.

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Provide community members with greater access to technology.

Place a smart locker filled with devices, headphones, or other hardware assets in a public space, such as a library. A library employee can provide an individual with access to a device via a Smart Locker, and the System automatically tracks if it’s been returned.

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Achieve Meaningful Outcomes

Efficient smart lockers for state and local government will improve device management processes that are standing in the way of achieving goals.

Automate Device Distribution Collection-blue
Automate Device Distribution and Collection

Provide employees and community members with self-serve access to devices while maintaining control and oversight.

Remotely Manage Device Access-blue
Remotely Manage Device Access

Tech teams, supervisors, and department managers can provide better tech support, even if they’re not physically present.

Hold Device Users Accountable-blue
Hold Device Users Accountable

Track device loans and returns to lower rates of device breakage and shrinkage.

Stretch Tech Resources Further-blue
Stretch Tech Resources Further

Automate manual processes so you can work within a sustainable budget, while freeing up time to focus on your big-picture goals.

Empower Easy Device Access-blue
Empower Easy Device Access

Self-serve access to loaner or replacement devices provides employees with the tools they need without interrupting others.

Maximize Device Uptime-blue
Maximize Device Uptime

Employees with a broken device can get back to working faster by checking out a loan or replacement in minutes.

High-Value Benefits for State and Local Government

Flexible open concept design-blue
Flexibility to meet your workflow needs

A single Smart Charging Locker can be used for device loans, exchanges, and even public charging. It’s an all-in-one system for providing IT services and support for distributing and collecting devices.

Customer support-blue
World-class Customer Support

Ease of serviceability and world-class customer support are key reasons why organizations choose LocknCharge.

Robust Warranty-blue
Built to last, backed by robust warranty

Feel confident that charging solutions for government are built to last while contributing less e-waste to the landfill.

Customer Stories & Other Resources

Hear the real-world experiences of our customers as they reflect on the impact our unique solutions have on improving efficiency for their organization, and explore useful blogs, articles, and much more.

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Recommended Solutions for State and Local Government

Smart Locker System
Use Cases

Efficiently manage devices for a variety of workflows.
Routinely Check Out/In Devices

Make daily device checkouts and returns easy and efficient for employees and simple for supervisors.

Exchange Broken Devices

Quickly exchange broken devices when employees experience device issues.

Loan and Collect Devices

Provide instant access to secured loaner devices any time, even remotely.

Deploy and Collect Devices

Efficiently onboard new employees and remotely collect assets for those who are leaving.

Charging Stations
for Government

Charge, store, and secure 5-32 mobile devices.
Putnam™ USB-C PD Charging Stations
Fast-charging, compact station with charging status lights. Pre-wired standard.
8 or 16 Devices | iPads, Tablets, Chromebooks
Putnam™ Charging Station

Compact station with charging status lights. Pre-wired standard.

8 or 16 Devices | iPads, Tablets
Carrier™ Charging Stations

Flexible, compact station with baskets and racks. Pre-wired optional.

10 or 15 Devices | Universal
CarryOn™ USB-C PD Charging Station
Fast-charging, compact mobile station with dividers.
5 Devices | iPads, Tablets
iQ™ 10 USB-C PD Charging Station
Fast-charging, compact station with baskets and racks. Pre-wired optional.
10 Devices | iPads, Tablets
Revolution™ 32 Charging Cabinet

High-capacity, small-footprint station with racks. Pre-wired optional.

32 Devices | Universal
Putnam™ 18 Charging Station

Small footprint station with shelves. Pre-wired optional.

18 Devices | Universal

Charging Carts
for Government

Charge, store, secure, and transport 20-40 mobile devices.
Joey™ Charging Carts

High-value, top-loading cart with baskets and racks. Pre-wired optional.

30 or 40 Devices | Universal
Carrier™ Charging Carts

Ultra-durable, top-loading cart with baskets or racks. Pre-wired optional.

20, 30, or 40 Devices | Universal
EPIC™ Charging Carts

Affordable, front-loading cart with dividers. Pre-wired optional.

24 or 36 Devices | Universal

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