New Kiosk. New Portal. A better Smart Locker System for managing hardware assets. EXPLORE NOW.

Effortlessly automate device distribution and collection.

Assign, deploy, and collect physical hardware assets with maximum accountability and minimal human involvement.


Mitigate device issues that get in the way of academic achievement and operational efficiency.

When a device is forgotten at home, is broken during the day, needs to be checked out for daily work, or needs to be distributed for onboarding – a smart locker provides automated access to devices in minutes.

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Is time-consuming device distribution, collection, and tracking derailing you from more important tasks?

With a smart locker system, you can easily automate manual processes such as managing user identity, granting device access, tracking and managing hardware assets, and enabling users to self-serve devices – all without leaving your desk.

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Take control of device access, accountability, and physical security.

The FUYL Smart Locker System enables you to manage who can access devices, accurately tracks the whereabouts of devices, and securely charges devices when not in use.

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Use Cases for LocknCharge Smart Locker Systems

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices to improve academic achievement and increase workplace efficiency.

Broken Device Exchanges

Device users can swap a broken device for a replacement in minutes.

Short-Term Device Loan and Return

Device users can quickly borrow a device with minimal interruption to others.

Controlled Device Check Out/In (Individual Access) 

Specific devices can be assigned and accessible to certain individuals.

Long-Term Device Deployment and Collection

Efficiently deploy onboarding materials to those joining or moving within your organization – and collect assets from those who are leaving.

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