New Kiosk. New Portal. A better Smart Locker System for managing hardware assets. EXPLORE NOW.

Remotely manage device access.

Device exchanges, loans, or checkouts can be assigned, tracked, and monitored from virtually anywhere – even if you’re not physically present.


Extend help desk hours.

Wishing you could provide help desk services beyond normal business hours or anytime you’re not physically in the building? A Smart Locker System can provide access to devices around the clock.

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Scale help desk services and IT support.

Remote device management gives you the ability to control access to devices and track loans across multiple locations or large campuses without increasing your onsite staff.

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Put less reliance on non-techy staff.

Are you delegating device management to librarians, teachers, supervisors, or other staff? By controlling device access remotely, you’ll achieve accurate asset tracking, execute an easy-to-follow process, and reduce frustration for all involved.

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Use Cases for LocknCharge Smart Locker Systems

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices to improve academic achievement and increase workplace efficiency.

Broken Device Exchanges

Device users can swap a broken device for a replacement in minutes.

Short-Term Device Loan and Return

Device users can quickly borrow a device with minimal interruption to others.

Controlled Device Check Out / Check In (Individual Access)

Specific devices can be assigned and accessible to certain individuals.

Long-Term Device Deployment and Collection

Efficiently deploy onboarding materials to those joining or moving within your organization – and collect assets from those who are leaving.

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