73% of organizations are failing to leverage secure charging stations.1

Many organizations are laser-focused on improving productivity and profitability. Providing tools and resources on a mobile device is a great step towards meeting goals to streamline processes or reduce paper processes. The priority of many mobile device deployments is often centered around preparing the device itself, rather than prioritizing how the devices will fit into daily workflow. Because 73% of organizations fail to consider mobile device security with secure charging stations, device users are wasting valuable time looking for devices, only to find them partially charged or dead. However, 91% of current LocknCharge customers prioritize having easy access to devices as part of their mobile device initiative.1 By adding efficient centralized, mobile or on-demand charging stations, these businesses are ensuring devices are easy to find, fully charged and ready to use at all times.

Mobile Device Security

Benefits of LocknCharge Mobile Device Charging Stations & Carts

  • Secure. Protect your device investment without worry of theft when devices are not in use. Lock them away in the storage area with a high-quality lock, durable lock.
  • Efficient. Our mobile device charging stations save your employees time by ensuring they know where they can always find fully-charged, ready-to-use devices. Our solutions can charge high quantities of devices in the same amount of time it takes to charge just one. Plus, we have time-saving features like the ability to see the charging status of devices at a glance or to remotely manage device access via a web management portal.
  • Durable Products & Lifetime Warranties.2 Our products are made with high-quality steel and most are backed by a lifetime warranty. Your devices will be protected today, tomorrow and well into the future.
  • Customer Support that Goes Above and Beyond. Our local Customer Support Team will help solve any issue you may have with your LocknCharge product. Plus, a dedicated support website empowers you with valuable resources.

*Final product may differ. iPad and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc.  2 Visit lockncharge.com for warranty details. Sources: 1 www.lockncharge.com/research