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Mobile Device Survey at the University of Wisconsin

Challenges – Mobile Devices on Campus

Mobile devices on campuses continue to grow bringing challenges regarding security and use. Professors are integrating mobile devices into curriculum and students bring anywhere from two to three mobile devices with them every day.

The survey

In December 2013, LocknCharge hired a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to survey students about their on-campus mobile device charging needs and challenges.
Ninety-five students were surveyed over fourteen days at two different locations on campus: a library and a student union. The FUYL Cell charging stations were placed in these locations in September. The charging station in the library was located just outside of an elevator and in the student union, the charging station was on the main level across from a café.

LocknCharge Solution

The students overwhelmingly (75%) endorsed the FUYL Cell secure charging stations. Words such as “life saver”, “just what I need” and “about time” were echoed by the respondents – a
much needed solution for charging at least one of the two mobile devices they carry with them every day.

Survey Highlights
  • 72% will use the FUYL Cell technology
  • 67% need to charge at least one device every day during their time on campus
  • Average number of devices per student is 2
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