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Managing Classroom Devices with LocknCharge

01.11.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

Excerpt from SmartBrief

By Charri Stratton  |  October 17, 2017

Mobile devices can be a great resource in the classroom — if they’re managed properly. Here are three tips to help you make these devices an asset in your classroom:

  1. Keep things consistent. Assign the same device to the same student every time. This helps the student get comfortable with it and lets the teacher track who is responsible for each device.
  2. Give it a home. Every iPad has a home where it recharges. Simplify this step by using a charging station in the classroom (like the Putnam 16 Charging Station from LocknCharge) to store the devices and ensure that they are always fully charged.
  3. Start small with apps. With over 2 million to choose from, resist the urge to download them all! I recommend starting with less than 15 apps per device. You can add more and remove others based on your unique classroom needs as the year goes on.

If you follow the above steps, you’ll find it much easier to manage your classroom devices and keep students focused on learning. 

See the original article on the SmartBrief website.

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5 of the Best iPad Carts and Charging Stations for Schools and Businesses

25.10.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News


If your organization owns iPads for students or staff to complete their work, then you need a simple (and secure) way to store, charge, and distribute the devices. A high-quality iPad cart or charging station can fill this need.

Nothing hinders productivity faster than grabbing a device, only to find that it isn’t fully charged. A high-quality iPad cart lets you safely store and charge your iPads, transport them from one office or classroom to another, and even sync them with the latest apps.

Choosing the right iPad cart or charging station for your school or business depends on many factors, such as how many iPads you need to store at once, how portable a solution you’re looking for, and whether you want to be able to sync your devices as well. At LocknCharge, we make iPad carts and charging stations to meet a wide variety of needs; here are five of the best solutions for schools and businesses.

1. CarryOn 

The first iPad cart or charging station designed to be ultra-portable, the CarryOn allows you to charge, store, and transport up to five iPad or tablet devices using a sleek carrier the size of a briefcase.

The CarryOn can store tablets with screen sizes up to 10 inches, with or without cases. Its aluminum outer shell makes it both lightweight (5.5 pounds) and durable, protecting the devices inside. The transparent acrylic door lets you quickly see that all devices are there, while the impact-resistant alloy edging gives it a classy look. The CarryOn’s door includes a keyed lock to keep devices safe, and a wall mount kit lets you use it as a cabinet as well.

The CarryOn is available in blue, green, red, black, and white to match any environment. Available exclusively through Apple, the CarryOn in White comes pre-wired with MFi-approved Lightning cables. 

2. Putnam Charging Station

Designed to charge, store, and secure up to 16 iPads or tablets, the Putnam Charging Station is a wall-mounted or stackable charging locker that features color-coded LED displays so you know when your devices are charged.

The Putnam Charging Station comes equipped with 16 MFi-approved Lightning cables, supplying 2.4-amp charging at each port. Its welded steel construction makes the unit ultra-secure, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. A built-in mechanical combination lock means there are no keys to worry about, and a master override key is included in case the combination is forgotten.

3. iQ 10 Sync Charge Station

The iQ 10 lets you charge, store, and sync up to 10 iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or other tablet devices in a compact unit that can be mounted on a desk or wall. An LED status display lets you know if the devices are charged, and the iQ 10 integrates seamlessly with Apple Configurator and other syncing software.

MFi-approved Lightning cables are included when you buy the charging station from Apple. Welded steel construction and a hardened steel padlock protect your devices while they’re not in use, and the product comes with a lifetime warranty.

In a feature that is unique to our iPad carts and charging stations, the devices are stored in baskets of five devices each, making it easy to distribute them. The baskets are interchangeable with other LocknCharge carts that use the same basket-style approach, such as the iC 30 and EVO 40 iPad carts. What’s more, the power outlet and host port are accessible externally, meaning you can sync and charge your devices while they’re safely locked away.

4. iC 30 Cart

The iC 30 Cart lets you charge, store, and transport up to 30 devices with a screen size as large as 13 inches, including iPads, iPad Pros, and Macbooks. The cart itself is built with hand-crafted steel and is guaranteed for life (with a two-year warranty on all electronics).

The secure top lid slides open, giving students or employees easy access to the devices from above; the devices are stored in six baskets holding five devices apiece. The baskets allow you to hand out devices in a fraction of the time it would take from a traditional cabinet-style cart, which makes a big difference in schools with 40-minute class periods. The sliding lid doubles as a work surface and includes an external display that shows the charging status for each device.

5. EVO 40 Cart

The EVO 40 Cart is designed to store, charge, and transport up to 40 tablet devices of almost any kind, with an optional syncing version. The syncing version includes built-in Lightning cables for charging and syncing iPads. Devices are stored in eight baskets of five and can be accessed through one of two tilting storage compartments. Because these compartments are located on opposite ends of the EVO 40 Tablet Cart, more devices can be accessed at once—which maximizes teaching and learning time. The tilting storage compartments can be locked at the end of the day, and an optional heavy-duty anchor kit secures the cart while it’s not in use.

If you are not sure which iPad cart or charging station is most ideal for your deployment, we can help you find your solution!

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5 Tips on Finding the Best Charging Stations

18.10.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News


You’re looking for a laptop cart or charging station to securely store and charge your laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, or other mobile devices. With so many options to choose from, how can you find the best solution for your schools?

The right charging station depends on your needs, such as what kind of devices you have and how you plan to deploy them. For instance, if the devices will stay in one classroom, a stationary cabinet that is floor- or wall-mounted might be your best option—but if the devices will be transported from classroom to classroom, you’ll want to get a cart.

As you’re thinking about your charging station needs, here are five important things to consider.

  1. Size
    How many devices are you looking to store and charge at once? How much space do you have to store them in your classrooms? The charging station you choose should be able to accommodate as many devices as you need, while also taking up as little space as possible. Consider solutions with a compact design, so they don’t clutter your learning spaces.

    At LocknCharge, we make charging stations of all sizes, from ultra-mobile carriers for only five devices at a time to carts that store and charge up to 40 devices at once—and everything in between.

  2. Quality
    Laptop carts and charging stations can take a beating in schools. They need to be durable and well-built to withstand this abuse. Make sure the solution you choose has heavy-duty welded steel construction. Look for products that have been tested and certified for quality and safety by a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL), such as UL or Intertek. All LocknCharge carts and charging stations come with a lifetime warranty, so you know they’re built to last.
  3. Security
    Charging stations must be theft-proof, especially those used in schools. Besides having a theft-proof locking system, there should be no edges to pry away from the frame—and carts should come with optional anchor kits to secure them to a wall or floor for an added layer of security.
  4. Flexibility
    Make sure the solution you choose can accommodate devices with a wide range of screen sizes, with or without protective cases. You don’t want to be locked into purchasing mobile devices with a certain screen size, just because you invested in charging stations that only fit devices of that size.

    Also, look for charging stations that with a universal design that can accommodate Chromebooks, iPads, or other tablets. You might only have iPads today, but your device needs might change and you may want to purchase Chromebooks in the future. You don’t want to have to replace your charging stations if your device needs change.

  5. Ease of use
    This might be the most important factor of all for schools. Teachers already have many things to worry about in their classrooms, and their instructional time is limited. They can’t afford to waste valuable class time distributing devices to students, or plugging devices in to recharge them at the end of a lesson. These processes need to be simple, seamless, and efficient, so the technology doesn’t get in the way of instruction.

    The easy setup and wiring of our laptop carts and charging stations streamlines the charging process—and their unique basket design eliminates the hassle involved in getting the devices to students.

    With a traditional cabinet-style cart or charging station, students often have to wait in line as they take out a device one by one. With our solutions, the devices are stored in baskets of five. Teachers or students simply take out these baskets, place them on students’ desks or tables, and the students can grab a device from there. The whole process takes less than half the time of other solutions from start to finish.

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Technology for good or for bad?

10.10.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

An article out earlier this month about intelligent machines replacing teachers, really made us think.

Sir Anthony Seldon, of Wellington College, is the head of one of Britain’s most famous public schools. He was talking about the theory that inspirational teachers of the future will be intelligent machines rather than humans. See the full article here.

There seems to be a general acceptance of the fact technology can help teachers do their job better in the classroom. They provide creative tools, new innovative ways of introducing and teaching lessons, and help integrate children into working with computers and tablets effectively to prepare them for later life.

But technology to replace teachers altogether? This leads to the question – is there technology being introduced for the good, the bad, or just the sake of it?

And it certainly has hit a nerve with both teachers and parents alike! One commented, “I’m of the opinion that good teachers are among artists, barbers and good salespeople who’s jobs can’t really be automated. Jobs that are all about forming real relationships or in the case of an artist, commenting on what it means to be a human.”

Whether this move towards intelligent machines to replace humans is indeed going to happen, it does raise further demands over what is ethical, what is realistic, and poses the question – can a machine teach children better than a real life human? Could it teach not only facts, but also the emotional side of teaching – igniting inspiration in children, creativity, and also equipping them with the life skills necessary to become compassionate partners, brothers, sisters and work colleagues in the future?

If it happens, or when it happens (the prediction is less than 10 years away), the reality is that jobs will be lost and schools will become completely different places to they are now. According to Anthony, “humans will still be around the school but the intellectual excitement will come from the lighting-up of the brain which the machines will be superbly well-geared for.”

Using Classroom Technology in a Positive Way through Mobile Device Charging Solutions

LocknCharge has always maintained that in an education setting, the main role of mobile device charging solutions is to make teachers lives easier, by introducing products that either save them time, or by offering solutions that will ensure smooth transition in classrooms.  This is where we think technology can be used in a positive way, to help free up teachers’ time to do what they do best – teach.

This could include syncing devices quickly and in large numbers, meaning all devices are ready for use 100% of the time whenever needed or ensuring that they are charged sufficiently to do the job they are required to do.  On a bigger scale, innovative basket designs can be used to transport devices from classroom to classroom by students, saving valuable time in deploying and distributing tablets to each student. 

In fact, in a recent study we found LocknCharge mobile device storage carts can save teachers up to 70 hours of class time per year just by choosing a suitable iPad charging station or Chromebook storage device

Take a look at our video here:

Teaching is a passion, a vocation.  Instead of making machines that replace teachers, could we look at introducing ways or technological means to help teachers free up time and make their jobs easier to spend time with the children they went into the profession to teach?

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Laptop Carts: 3 Reasons Why they Lead to an Easier Workday

03.10.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

LocknCharge Joey 30 Cart


The number of laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and other mobile devices bought by U.S. schools has nearly quadrupled in the last seven years, from more than 3 million devices in 2010 to almost 14 million this year. This influx of technology has enabled richer forms of instruction, but it has also made teachers’ jobs more challenging.

Aside from the obvious challenge of designing new lessons that take advantage of technology’s potential to transform teaching and learning, teachers also face the daunting task of having to manage all this technology in their classrooms. This adds another layer of complexity for teachers who are already overburdened with responsibilities.

But for teachers trying to manage the use of laptops and other mobile devices in their classes, a high-quality laptop cart can reduce this burden significantly—freeing them to focus on instruction. Here are three ways the right laptop cart can make teachers’ lives easier by simplifying teaching with technology.

1.) A laptop cart keeps devices secure, organized, and fully charged.

Just keeping track of devices, making sure they don’t go missing, and making sure they’re charged for daily use can be a hassle. To solve these challenges, San Lorenzo Unified School District purchased LocknCharge laptop carts as part of the district’s 1:1 Chromebook deployment. At the end of class, the Chromebooks are returned to the laptop carts, where they are securely stored and recharged so they’re ready to use the next day.

“Any time you introduce devices into classrooms, you also introduce additional responsibility, administrative tasks, and stress for teachers,” said Director of Technology Integration Services Sam Sakai-Miller. “The LocknCharge carts significantly reduce those burdens for our teachers.”

2.) The right laptop cart makes distributing devices to students super-easy.

Any laptop cart can help teachers keep mobile devices charged and secured, but the right solution also makes it extremely easy to get the devices into the hands of students each day—saving valuable class time in the process.

At LocknCharge, our unique basket design eliminates the headaches involved in distributing devices to students. With a traditional cabinet-style laptop cart, students often have to wait in line as they take out a device one by one. With our laptop carts, the devices are stored in baskets of five. Teachers or students simply take out these baskets, place them on students’ desks or tables, and the students can grab a device from there.

Coachella Valley Unified School District was using a different brand of laptop cart but found that it took five to 10 minutes to distribute devices to students at the start of a class period. When the district switched to LocknCharge carts, this process was reduced to just two minutes.

Our laptop carts are “a game changer in terms of classroom management and getting to the activities we need to do that day,” said Education Technology Coordinator Edward Simoneau.

3.) The right laptop cart also makes stowing and charging the devices a breeze.

Nederland Independent School District was using a different type of laptop cart as well, but teachers had trouble reaching into the back of the cart to plug in the devices for recharging.

With our laptop carts, this isn’t an issue: A secure top lid slides open, giving students and teachers easy access to the devices from above. Reloading the cart is as simple as placing the devices back into the baskets with their charging port facing up, placing the baskets into the cart, and then plugging the charging cords into the devices.

“When I found this cart, I knew it was the best solution because of the baskets and how easy it was to plug in and charge (devices) from the top,” said Technology Director Cindy Laird. “The teachers love (it).”

Arlington Independent School District also uses LocknCharge carts to securely store, charge, and transport its mobile devices. “We have been able to say to teachers, honestly and authentically: This is going to make your job easier,” said Coordinator of Instructional Technology Marcus Miller. “Accessing the devices from the top allows (us) to plug them in and charge them easily—and the baskets have made a huge difference in how convenient it is for teachers.”

He concluded: “It takes a lot of the fear out of the equation when they’re thinking: ‘Am I ready to integrate technology?’”

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