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Nonprofits Connect Disadvantaged Youth with Opportunities

16.01.18 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

For teens growing up in poverty, or young adults who are homeless, the world can look like a bleak place. These youth need opportunities to overcome the adversity they face and achieve success.

Shelters and other nonprofit organizations play a critical role in providing these opportunities by offering stable housing, food, and other basic necessities to young people in need—as well as access to technology and other resources so they can continue their education and lead independent lives.

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Flight School Uses Charging Towers to Manage iPads

09.01.18 by mollyp in Industry News

Trever Rossini, the owner of Inflight Pilot Training, is using the LocknCharge FUYL Tower to manage iPad devices used during flight. His investment in technology shows his customers that he has made a commitment to enhancing their experience.

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Bridging the Digital Access Gap

03.01.18 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

To develop the technology literacy skills required for 21st century success, students need anytime, anywhere access to digital tools. But students who grow up in poverty are far less likely to have or use these tools at home. This is why a growing number of schools have developed digital equity plans to bridge the access gap between disadvantaged students and their peers.

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Empowering Students with Mobile Device Charging Stations | LocknCharge

27.12.17 by mike in Blog, Testimonials

DeForest Area School District adds four FUYL Towers to support an open learning environment

Administrators at DeForest Area School District in Wisconsin found themselves facing an interesting situation as they adjusted to students bringing their laptops, tablets and smartphones to school as part an informal BYOD initiative. District officials quickly realized that with students using devices all day, they needed a simple and safe way to store and charge the technology when it wasn’t in use.

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Homeless Youth Get a Fresh Start with the Help of Technology

21.12.17 by mollyp in Blog, Industry News

Mobile device charging station part of a life-altering makeover at Covenant House shelter in Los Angeles
The homeless teens and young adults who come to Covenant House California are hoping for a fresh start in life. To help them gain independence and put them on a path to success, Covenant House gives them food, shelter, clothing, education, and emotional support. And thanks to a recent makeover by Oprah Winfrey, homeless youth served by the Los Angeles branch now have access to a state-of-the-art to keep their phones and other devices fully charged and secure so they can complete schoolwork, look for a job, or even just stay in touch with family and friends.

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