LocknCharge supplying Carts for Samsung Smart Classroom project

Five years ago the idea of a classroom without physical textbooks was almost unheard of. Now, because of the significant impact Tablets and other mobile devices have had on society, the mass adoption of mobile devices is now becoming a global reality.

EVO-40-Dez-Samsung-02-chainlock_LRLocknCharge have partnered with Samsung as they roll out tablets and Chromebooks as part of their Smart School program. This initiative is being deployed in 27 countries throughout the world.  Samsung have recommended LocknCharge Carts to help manage the deployments.

With all of these mobile devices being deployed, the problem of securing, charging, syncing, storing and transporting them safely has never been greater. Not only do LocknCharge products solve this problem, they are designed in such a unique and thoughtful way that they truly make life easier for the people using and managing the devices.

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