DeKalb County School District Ensures Equal Access to Modern Education for Every Student

Excerpt from Cross Roads News

By Rosie Manins  |  Updated 

DeKalb County School District is spending more than $27 million on new laptops that middle and high school students and teachers can take home.

The district says it is providing 80,285 “chromebook” laptops to schools through its two-year Digital Dreamers project, designed to ensure every child has equal access to modern education.

Students will get 74,085 chromebooks, and teachers, 6,200 at a cost of $27,194,450.

The laptops will allow students without a computer or internet access at home to keep up with their studies and homework, which are becoming predominantly computer-based. Superintendent Dr. R. Stephen Green said that about 25 percent of students in urban school districts do not presently have access anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The DeKalb County School District is using the LocknCharge Joey 30 Cart as part of their device deployment strategy.

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