Custom Charging Stations with Denton ISD

Denton Independent School District Invents Custom Charging Solution with LocknCharge

Texas district introduces custom-made mobile device charging stations for up to 20,000 devices as it restructures its classrooms to make them future ready

MADISON, Wis. (Feb. 7, 2017) – As Denton Independent School District (ISD) prepares for future ready classrooms with technology and builds new schools, the Texas district is partnering with LocknCharge to create a new mobile device charging cabinet – the Carrier 15 Charging Station.

“There were no solutions designed to fit the unique needs of Denton ISD,” said Judy Bush technology manager. “LocknCharge stepped in and constructed a new charging station to fit the vision of the curriculum and technology team to incorporate Chromebooks into classrooms.”

This customized solution will store, charge and deploy up to 20,000 devices in the school district.

“We are not a 1:1 district. When we looked to roll out new technology for our schools, we wanted to create collaborative learning environments,” said Dwight Goodwin, director of instructional technology at Denton ISD. “LocknCharge made our Chromebook rollout a success. Teachers, technology personnel, students and parents all love how much the custom stations simplify our use of technology.”  

The Carrier 15 Charging Station is wall and desk mountable, and charges any 15 tablet or laptop devices simultaneously. It includes three large baskets to store and safely distribute technology. “When administrators at Denton ISD approached us and shared their plans for Chromebooks in the classroom, we knew we had to find a way to work with them,” said James Symons, CEO for LocknCharge. “We are proud to have worked with them to create a new product to fit their needs that will enable their educators to best utilize mobile devices in their classrooms.”

Denton ISD currently has 40 campuses to meet the needs of students in 17 different communities. Among these campuses are: four comprehensive high schools, seven middle schools (with an eighth opening in August), 23 elementary schools, two early childhood centers, a choice high school, an advanced technology complex and other specialized schools and centers.

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