LocknCharge Cloud

Remotely control your FUYL Towers with our powerful Cloud platform.

LocknCharge Cloud grants admins complete control of their organization's FUYL Tower Smart Lockers from a centralized, web-based portal.

Smarter Device Management Saves Significant Time and Money

  • Automate Manual IT Processes

    Streamline delivery and management of broken device exchanges, shared device checkouts or loaner device programs.

  • Restrict/Authorize Device Users

    Admins can pre-authorize users to Tower nodes, specific Towers or even individual bays to automate who can access items inside Towers.

  • Quickly Assign Tower Access

    Remote bay visibility allows Admins to know if bays are available or unavailable to efficiently provide users access to assets inside.

  • Provide Contactless, Self Service

    Cloud empowers users to self-serve devices at their convenience to maximize device uptime and protect Tech Team's time.

  • Hold Device Users Accountable

    Ensure device are cared for and properly returned by tracking who accessed a bay and when it was accessed to add user accountability.

  • Enjoy Long-Term Flexibility

    Reconfigure your Cloud settings to flex as your mobile device needs or workflows change or integrate Cloud with external systems to streamline processes even further.

Powerful LocknCharge Cloud Features Help You Efficiently Manage Devices


Manage Multiple Towers from One Centralized, Web-Based Portal

Give designated Admins access to view and manage any number of Towers.

LNC-US-Website-Product_Page-Key_Features-FUYL_Tower-Cloud-2-Manage Access

Customizable Control of User Access to Towers at Multiple Levels

Setup Users and User Groups, take advantage of our internal User Directory, or integrate your organization's LDAP-compatible directory for simplified Admin control of user access to Towers.


Multi-Level Cloud Security Protects Your Organization

Data stored in the Cloud is protected by industry-standard encryption certificates. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects your account from unauthorized access, and configuring SSO allows admins to securely login with one set of credentials.


Integrate LocknCharge Cloud with External Systems

Take device management to the next level. Using Cloud API and webhooks, LocknCharge Cloud can be easily integrated into any external and/or existing IT infrastructure.

Streamline processes for managing any mobile device program or workflow.

Configure your Cloud settings to automate broken device exchanges, shared device checkouts, loaner device programs and more.

Experience even greater automation for assigning, loaning, collecting, and tracking student and staff devices.

Combine the power of our FUYL™ Smart Locker System with your help desk ticketing system via a pre-built integration.

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FUYL Tower Pro 5 or 15

Cloud-connected locker system with 5 or 15 lockable bays to efficiently manage laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile assets.

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