Simplify Hardware Asset Management with a Smart Locker System.

Manage device access, accountability, oversight, and charging with ease.


Trusted by organisations of all shapes and sizes worldwide.

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An all-in-one system for efficient hardware asset management.

The FUYL™ Smart Locker System automates time and money-wasting manual processes to streamline loaner device access, broken device exchanges, daily device checkouts, and secure individual charging.


Automate device management from just about anywhere via our web-based FUYL Portal.

✓  Customise device workflows to meet your needs.
✓  Pre-assign short or long-term mobile device access.
✓  Assign mobile device access on the fly.
✓  Know if hardware assets have been returned.

Let a Smart Locker System handle manual device distribution and collection.

By strategically placing smart charging lockers in your school or business, device users can self-serve devices without complicated scheduling or in-person assistance.

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Set your organisation up for success.

Expect to achieve high-value outcomes for some of those most cumbersome use case processes you experience on a daily basis. The FUYL Smart Locker System is perfect for all industries.

  • Outcomes

    Achieve meaningful results with LocknCharge charging and device management solutions.

  • Use Cases

    Increase workflow efficiency by improving these use cases in your organisation.

  • Industry

    Align an efficient charging and device management solution with your sector.

Automate Device Distribution Collection-blue
Automate Device Distribution and Collection

Provide self-serve access to devices while maintaining control and oversight.

Improve IT Response TImes-blue
Improve IT Response Times

Provide access to loaner or replacement devices in a matter of minutes.

Remotely Manage Device Access-blue
Remotely Manage Device Access

Tech teams can offer better IT support, even if they’re not physically present.

Hold Device Users Accountable-blue
Hold Device Users Accountable

Know who, what, and when a device is taken to lower rates of device breakage and shrinkage.

Stretch Tech Resources Further-blue
Stretch Tech Resources Further

Automating manual processes enables you to work within a sustainable budget, while freeing up time to focus on your goals.

Empower Easy Device Access-blue
Empower Easy Device Access

Self-serve access to loaner or replacement devices provides students and employees with the tools they need without interrupting others.

Maximize Device Uptime-blue
Minimise Device Downtime

Get students, staff, and employees back to learning or working faster by issuing loan or replacement devices in minutes.

Full Battery-blue
Keep Devices Charged Up

Devices that need a top off during the day or overnight can be securely charged without any worry of theft or loss.

Broken Device  Exchanges-blue
Broken Device Exchanges
(Hot Swaps)

Device users can swap a broken device for a replacement in minutes.

Device Loan and Return-blue
Device Loan and Return

Device users can quickly borrow a device with minimal interruption to others.

Controlled Device Check out Check in-blue
Controlled Device Check Out/In
(Individual Access)

Specific devices can be assigned to and accessed by individuals.

Provide Secure  Individual Charging-blue
Secure Individual Charging

Devices that need a top off during the day or overnight can be securely charged without any worry of theft or loss.

Higher Education-blue
Primary & Secondary Education

Ensure mobile devices needed to learn or teach are always charged up, accessible, and ready to go.

Manufacturing Distribution-blue

Get the right mobile tech into the right hands quickly, consistently, and securely.


Feel confident devices are ready to go when needed and secured when not in use.

Higher Education-blue
Higher Education

Provide exemplary IT services and support to faculty by offering access to loaner devices, specialty devices, and secure public charging.


Improve efficiency for government employees who routinely check out mobile devices – and provide community members with public access to mobile technology.

Easily connect your user directory.

There’s no need to manage smart locker users in multiple systems. By integrating your existing User Directory or SIS to our system, you only have to maintain a single source of truth.


Tech Specs

Check out the tech specs for the FUYL™ Tower Pro 5 and FUYL™ Tower Pro 15.

FUYL™ Tower Pro 5 Smart Locker

FUYL™ Tower Pro 5 Smart Locker
Tower Specs

593 (H) x 528 (W) x 480 (D) mm | 35 kg.

Bay Specs

73 (H) x 365 (W) x 438 (D) mm | 5 bays per tower

Bay Power

One (1) power outlet | 240Vac, 50Hz 10A Max

One (1) USB port per bay | 5VDC @ 2.4A Max

Output power range: 

Bay Access






Robust Warranty

Optional Accessories

FUYL Tower Pro 5 Network Kit (LNC10318)

FUYL Tower Pro 5 Wall Mounting Kit (LNC10317)
To mount your FUYL Tower 5 to a wall


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FUYL™ Tower Pro 15 Smart Locker

FUYL™ Tower Pro 15 Smart Locker
Tower Specs

1696 (H) x 523 (W) x 478 (D) mm | 88 kg

Bay Specs

73 (H) x 365(W) x 438 (D) mm | 15 Bays per Tower

Bay Power

One (1) power outlet | 220-240Vac, 50Hz 4A Max

One (1) 36W USB-C Power Delivery port per bay

Output power range: 5V 3A | 9V 3A | 12V 3A | 15V 2.25A | 20V 1.8A

Bay Access






Robust Warranty

Optional Accessories

FUYL Tower Pro 15 Network Kit (LNC10224)




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