CarryOn USB-C PD Charging Station

Take devices with you wherever you go by carrying them inside this ultra-mobile tablet and iPad charging station.

  • Fast charges 5 iPad® or tablet devices.
  • Efficient device transport, storage, and charging.
  • Designed for simple setup, easy use, and long-lasting durability.

Fast charge mobile devices with efficient USB-C PD charging.

Quickly charge 5 devices at once at 30W of power per USB-C port. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging when connected to a supported device.

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Safe and efficient transport of devices.

Designed with efficiency for your environment in mind, devices and power cables can easily be carried just about anywhere in one, neat little package.

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Station setup that’s a piece of cake.

We’re all about making life easier – so why should station setup be any different? Setting up a CarryOn™ USB-C Charging Station takes only a few minutes.

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Reduce cord chaos by keeping cables organised and secure. 

The unique cabling system enables easy access to power connectors to quickly charge devices after use – plus, it’s virtually impossible for the charging cables to become tangled. The station also limits a device user’s ability to remove cables without permission.

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Additional Benefits

Every use case, industry, and environment has unique priorities. CarryOn™ USB-C PD Charging Stations can meet your needs in a variety of applications.

Charge Devices Overnight

For organisations that choose to keep devices at school or work overnight, a 5 device USB-C charging station is a must-have. Feel confident that devices are accounted for at the end of the day, secured overnight, and charged up in the morning.

Transport Devices

Give students or employees the opportunity to get involved in sharing device management or classroom responsibilities. This mobile station enables a safer process to carry devices to and from tables, rooms, or even between buildings.

Provide Group Access

Designating a secure place to check out, return, charge, and store devices ensures that students and employees are always prepared.

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These unique features are designed to save time, money, and headaches when using or maintaining your LocknCharge stations.

iPad and tablet compatibility

Charge up to 5 USB-C powered tablet or iPad® devices, with or without cases.

Small Footprint-blue
Small footprint

This multiple iPad charging station adapts to your surroundings. Transform any wall or counter into a secure area for charging mobile devices while taking up minimal space.

Ultra Secure-blue
Ultra secure

Lock away devices with a stainless steel padlock and keys. 

Long-term affordability

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. This 5 device USB-C charging station is built to last, which offers significant long-term cost savings.

Robust Warranty-blue
Robust warranty

Should any issues arise, our products are backed by a robust warranty and supported by a dedicated customer support team.

Tech Specs

Check out the tech specs for the CarryOn USB-C PD Charging Stations.

CarryOn™ USB-C PD Charging Station

CarryOn™ USB-C PD Charging Station

5 Mobile Devices


iPad | Tablet


303 (H) x 183 (W) x 313 (L) mm | 2.5 kg




Slots: 198.6 x 268 x 23.5 mm




Integrated Lock with Keys

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