iQ Cart for iPad…

It really does make life easier. 
A testimonial from Bill Kaiser – Technology Teacher at Capital High School

I am extremely pleased with the iQ 32 Cart.  In fact, it’s one of the few purchases I have made where the product actually exceeded expectations. I was worried that the cart would be tippy when the drawers are open. It’s not; it is very solid, even with the drawers open.  

From a workflow perspective, the cart more than meets our needs.  Mobility is important to us – this cart is easy to roll even from one end of the building to the other. The iPad baskets easily handle the weight of the iPads and the convenience of the baskets is hard to beat. Connecting the charging cables is quick and efficient.  

The finish is nice, looks very high-tech. My experience to date has been with other manufacturers’ carts and the LocknCharge cart beats them on all levels. The iQ 32 Cart seems like an extremely well-engineered device and everyone who sees it is very impressed.

Bill Kaiser
Technology Teacher
Capital High School
100 Valley Drive
Helena, Montana

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