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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape LocknCharge solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

Managing Technology in the Cleaning, Hygiene and Facilities Management Sectors

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New technology is emerging in the cleaning, hygiene and facilities management sector. Use of computer tablets have led to greater portability, greater flexibility, and improved working conditions, as well as providing a platform for browsing the internet. There are already convenient apps in the market to help with challenges such as visitor and contractor management, or engineer scheduling.

However, with new technology there comes new challenges. When technology works well, it gives a great impression, but behind the scenes, a device management strategy needs to be implemented for the use of tablets in the workplace. Expensive investment in technology means organizations want devices to be kept safe, especially when stored overnight. They also want to ensure devices are fully charged and ready for use at all times, which can be particularly challenging when you have hundreds of staff all needing tablets. 

In 1988 Paul Symons founded LocknCharge when he noticed a need for securing laptops and devices in his school. After successfully deterring theft, word spread, and thousands of organizations in a variety of sectors have now experienced the difference of having a mobile charging station for devices. 

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge says: “LocknCharge is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of mobile deployment solutions with headquarters in Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. LocknCharge is committed to making lives easier by manufacturing high-quality solutions for mobile devices.  Technology has many advantages in the workplace, but devices have to be ‘managed’. LocknCharge helps solve this problem.”

The Putnam Charging Station is one such solution that is suitable for the cleaning, hygiene, building and facilities management sector.

The Putnam 16 focusses on convenience, effectiveness and space saving in the workplace. Each unit is designed to individually store, charge and secure almost any mobile device – including tablets, laptops, mobile phones and more. Through a simple and easy to use secure locking system, an organization can charge and secure their tablets until they need to use them. 

Alternatively, for facilities managers or cleaning contractors who want something more portable, the CarryOn™ Charging Station offers efficient USB charging, and with up to 2.4 amps of power at each port, you can simultaneously charge five devices in the same amount of time as just one.

The tablet Charging Station allows you to carry five devices, together with all the charging hardware and cables in one neat and compact unit. And with the small footprint, the Charging Station can be stored almost anywhere, including being used as a portable device or fixed to a wall area with the bracket included.

James adds, “In the cleaning, hygiene and facilities sector there has been an increase in the use of digital technology especially with the rise in smart buildings, which incorporate technological advances into their infrastructure. With a wide range of carts to choose from depending on your needs, Lockncharge can help streamline a tablet management strategy.”

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