About LocknCharge

Hear from Paul and James Symons, the dynamic father-son duo who founded and grew a global technology company that's determined to solve challenges for schools and businesses who are managing and using mobile device technology.

What we do.

We are an innovative company combining the power of software and hardware to revolutionize the way organizations are managing tablets, laptops, Chromebooks, phones and other physical assets. Our mission is to ensure organizations aren't losing critical working or learning time due to a broken, lost or missing device by providing device accountability and instant access.

During our 25 years of experience, we have listened to and come to understand many of the challenges highly-successful organizations face when rolling out technology. We understand that relentless broken device exchanges, inefficient daily device check out/in, unsecured storage, and unreliable charging are ravaging time and tech budgets.

We exist to solve these ever-growing problems by offering an efficient process to ensure laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and other assets are always accessible and ready to go when needed. Our portfolio of Cloud-Connected Smart Charging Lockers, Charging Carts with Baskets and Compact Charging Stations will automate, if not eliminate, many frustrations stemming from digital transformation.

So, whether managing mobile device technology, or using it to work or learn, LocknCharge solutions will not only save you time, money and resources, they will also make life easier.

The LocknCharge Story

LocknCharge started with very humble beginnings. Australian educator, Paul Symons, founded PC Locs in 1998 when he noticed a need for securing computers in his school. He started by building desktop computer lockdown kits in his backyard shed and installing them in a few schools in Western Australia. After successfully deterring theft, word spread quickly throughout Australia. Demand for his products grew to the point where Paul left his teaching job to fully commit to inventing new products that solved mobile device charging, storing, securing and transporting challenges for schools.

Paul's son, James, has been involved in the family business since the early days. From hand making lockdown kits, to working as a traveling salesman, to General Manager – James Symons is now the acting CEO and has grown the company internationally, with offices in the United States, Europe, Japan (APAC) and Australia.

The LocknCharge product portfolio has evolved to meet the demands of customers around the world. As organizations' dependency on mobile technology continues to grow, our portfolio of solutions is also advancing – from laptop carts and stations to cloud-connected smart charging lockers. The benefits of automated device management for loaner or check in/out programs are far-reaching in organizations that rely on mobile devices for critical education and business application.

With a sheer determination to think outside the box, James is most excited to solve the problems that don't even exist yet. That's been LocknCharge’s mentality from day one.