LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart

LocknCharge Baskets have Profound Impact on Class Time: Save 70 hours each year per Cart in the classroom using Baskets by LocknCharge to deploy mobile devices with ease. Developed with education in mind, the time savings is immense. Deploying mobile devices with Baskets saves up to 70 hours of class time each year per 30 unit cart compared to traditional cabinet style carts.

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Learning outside of the Classroom

james-s (4)-cropAs children, we spend most of our young adult lives inside the classroom.  In fact, in England, primary school children in state schools currently spend 635 hours in the classroom each year.  In the United States, this number is even higher compares to 1096 hours of time spent learning.  However, the amount of time spent inside the classroom compared to the amount of time spent learning outside of the classroom significantly differs. There are lots of ways children can learn outside of the classroom environment, such as in the playground, in conservation areas or on school trips.  We ask, how much time is spent learning outside of the classroom? (more…)

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Case Study: LocknCharge and Chromebooks in St. Aloysius Institute

Criteria for Selection Cart

In the past, St. Aloysius Institute found evaluating device carts more simple. They simply looked for good cable management and the ability to charge a singular device type (mostly Windows Laptops) in a secure cart. (more…)

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How tablets are transforming the retail experience

A century ago, local communities in the UK and Europe were built around small towns and villages, with local and independent shops such as butchers, bakers and sweet shops thriving with business. These shops were the pillars of society. (more…)

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