Nonprofits Connect Disadvantaged Youth with Opportunities

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Shelters across the country offer food, clothing, shelter—and Wi-Fi

For teens growing up in poverty, or young adults who are homeless, the world can look like a bleak place. These youth need opportunities to overcome the adversity they face and achieve success. (more…)

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What is a tablet charging station?

A mobile phone owner.  iPad user.  A household of tech lovers.  It is not surprising that cables get tied, go missing, get stolen (or eaten by the dog!), and each plug socket around the house is taken up with a device on charge.

Well imagine the same problem but faced by a class of 30 tablet loving children in a classroom, that expect to be ready to use their devices simultaneously at a touch of a button every day. 

Many people until faced with a problem such as the above may not even know that charging stations for tablets exist.  But now we are here to tell you they do!  And explain – “What is a tablet charging station?!” (more…)

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Flight School Uses Charging Towers to Manage iPads

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By Jim Pitman | January 5, 2018

Trever Rossini is the owner of Inflight Pilot Training at Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Rossini and his team recently launched an ambitious yet cost-effective program to outfit the flight school’s entire fleet with high-quality electronic flight bags (EFBs).  (more…)

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Using tablets and digital devices in hotels to enhance the guest experience

Excerpt from Hotel Owner

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge talks about the difficulties faced by hotels when using tablets and digital devices to achieve a better guest experience

There is no doubt that in recent years the customer service experience has changed dramatically.  In the past, face to face or telephone customer service was often the only contact a customer would have with a company. This was the tool that built trust, loyalty to a brand, and the personal touch. (more…)

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Bridging the Digital Access Gap

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To develop the technology literacy skills required for 21st century success, students need anytime, anywhere access to digital tools. But students who grow up in poverty are far less likely to have or use these tools at home. This is why a growing number of schools have developed digital equity plans to bridge the access gap between disadvantaged students and their peers. (more…)

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