What is a Smart Locker?

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Charging Lockers

Smart lockers are a hardware and software solution that allow businesses and schools to manage the distribution and collection of assets. Items such as parcels, personal items, mobile devices, supplies and more can be placed in a smart locker for individuals to access.

From a business perspective, an IoT-connected smart locker system automates workflow so that employees who are tasked with asset distribution/collection can focus on human-essential tasks, while letting technology automate many low-level tasks that don't require skilled labor.

As education, work and consumer environments continue to reap the benefits of the digital transformation, the need for device management solutions like smart lockers continues to grow. Smart lockers are an example of smart technology that have become an essential part of business strategies.

What Types of Smart Lockers Exist?

There are many types of lockers to suit the specific needs of a particular business or school.

When evaluating a locker for your organisation, it is important to understand the differences to ensure you don't overpay for something your organisation doesn't need.
  • Device Management and Charging

    Automate the distribution of assets like mobile or PoS devices and often offer a cloud option to manage tracking and access. (We will explore smart charging lockers in-depth in this article.)

  • Vending of Supplies or other Assets

    Designed to supply employees with supplies like safety glasses, gloves, and other necessities. Cloud software helps with inventory management and automated reordering.

  • Parcel Drop Off/Pick Up

    Used by logistics carriers to deliver and store parcels, making sure they get to the right recipients safely.

  • Day-Use Lockers

    Temporary, keyless storage solution for universities, businesses, entertainment venues, etc. which securely stores belongings that can be retrieved at any time.

  • Food Service Pick Up/Delivery

    Offers restaurants a way to automate order pick up by allowing patrons or delivery drivers to easily access their food order via a smart locker and code.

  • Asset Distribution & Tracking Lockers

    Asset tracking systems which allow authorised users to access highly-sensitive items securely, ensuring they remain accounted for at all times.

What is a Smart Locker for Device Management and Charging?

Watch this video to see how automating device exchange saves time and money.

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Ensure Devices Are Always Ready

The purpose of a smart locker for device management is to ensure that devices are always charged, accessible and ready for use - 24/7/365.

Smart Charging Lockers allow organisations to efficiently charge, secure and manage workflows for devices like phones, tablets, laptops, hand-held POS systems and more.

Individually-Lockable Bays with Power

Smart locker systems physically and securely store and charge devices in a central location by allowing users to access individually-lockable bays.

Feature-Rich Cloud Platform

The true power of a Smart Locker is found in its Cloud capabilities which automate tasks to reduce wasted time, minimise device downtime, and hold device users accountable. The portal enables control, administration, visibility and tracking of the Smart Charging Locker usage from anywhere in the world.

External Integration Capabilities

Integration with external ticketing systems and an open API ensure that IT can realise significant time savings when managing devices.

The Future of IT and Operations

Automate the exchange of devices to save your organisation time and money.

What Challenges Do Smart Lockers for Device Management Solve?

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the smart locker is poised to remain an important part of future transformations.

Here are challenges that the smart locker solution helps solve in order to keep workflows and operations at optimal levels for two main workflows: Shared Device Programs and Break/Fix Programs as well as Public Charging On Demand.

Shared Device Programs

Unorganised Process without the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Poor Process / Delayed Work

Shared devices are not readily accessible nor reliability charged, delaying the workday.

Distracted Managers

Managers are forced to prioritise distributing and collecting devices over their primary operational roles.

High Rates of Breakage/Loss

Organisations experience significant device breakage and loss for shared devices that are not being secured or tracked.

Increased Data Breaches

Organisations' data is exposed when devices are not securely stored, and MDM software is not enough.

Organised Process with the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Ensure Devices Are Always Ready

Facilitate a reliable process so devices are always accessible and in a ready-to-use state.

Focus on Higher-Level Tasks

Employees are empowered to manage devices without oversight, so managers can focus on management-level tasks.

Hold Device Users Accountable

Track device usage for "who, what and when", adding accountability so shared devices are cared for.

Protect Data

Secure storage of devices mitigates risk and protects your school or business from costly data breaches.

Quick Demo

Watch this video to see shared device workflow in action.
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Broken Device Exchange Programs

Manual Process without the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Wasted Time of Skilled IT Staff

Specialised IT staff are wasting valuable time on entry-level tasks such as delivering, tracking and managing broken or lost devices.

Lengthy Device Downtime

Device users are unable to work/learn while they wait for a replacement device, putting them behind.

Recruitment Challenges & Increased Labor Expenses

Organisations are unable to acquire adequate talent to meet workloads.

Automated Process with the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Save Time & Balance Workloads

Automating delivery, tracking and management of broken or lost devices allows skilled IT teams to focus on strategic projects.

Minimise Device Downtime

Device users can self-serve a replacement device at their convince 24/7/365 from a designated, secure location.

Save Money on
Labor Costs

Automate manual tasks that once required human touch for a fraction of the cost.

Quick Demo

Watch this video to see broken device exchange workflow in action.
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Secure Charging On Demand

Unsecured Charging without the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Devices Are Not Charged When Needed
Increased Theft and Data Breaches

Devices that are left unattended while charging are at greater risk of theft, leaving data exposed.

Low-Tech Lockers Waste Money

Without cloud capabilities, charging lockers cannot evolve as device management needs change.

The Digital Divide Widens

Students facing housing insecurity do not have a secure place to charge devices overnight.

Secured Charging with the FUYL Tower™ Smart Charging Locker
Ensure Devices Are Always Ready

Unattended devices can be charged at a convenient time without worry, keeping device users on track.

Protect Devices and Data

Securely store devices to mitigate risk and protect your organization from costly data breaches.

Get Ultimate Flexibility Long Term

Easily switch modes with Cloud-connected FUYL Towers to flex for new workflows as tech advances.

Improve Digital Equity

Quick Demo

Watch this video to see public charging workflow in action.
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Maximise Your IT Team's Efficiency

Learn how you can save time and money by automating device management at your organisation.

Who Uses Smart Lockers for Mobile Devices?

Smart Lockers allow multiple departments like IT, operations, and HR to see true improvements in staff uptime, teacher device uptime, and accountability for company assets when implementing into their work environments. They are used to control and track device usage, giving them the ability to assign devices to specific individuals and alerting them if devices aren't returned. Some industries that use smart locker systems include:

  • Education

    Smart lockers streamline device hand out and pick up, saving tech teams as many as 250 hours when automating their break/fix program.

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  • Manufacturing

    Smart lockers create an efficient solution for shift workers who can charge devices and speed up workflow in a fast-paced environment.

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  • Airlines

    Smart lockers allow devices to be charged in a central location prior to being taken on a plane for airport personnel like pilots and flight attendants, while secure charging spots can be set up for consumers, with remote admin control.

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  • Energy

    Smart Lockers allow field workers to securely access and use devices specifically designed for them during the day, while charging them at work overnight so they're always ready the next day.

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  • Transportation

    Smart lockers improve the commuter experience by seamlessly providing train conductors with fully charged and securely stored mobile technology so they can process tickets with payment methods that best suit consumer needs.

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  • Hospitality & Entertainment

    Smart lockers cut down on misplaced or uncharged devices that lead to lost productivity and missed sales opportunities, improving communication between staff workers and teams in high pressure industries.

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FUYL Tower™ Smart Lockers are Trusted by Leading Organisations

Smart Charging Locker Features to Consider When Evaluating a Solution

FUYL Tower Video Demo LocknCharge
Robust Built-In Features

To ensure that organisations can empower teams and see an ROI quickly, a smart locker system should come with built-in functionality that doesn't require customisation. Hardware should be easy to support and service in the field.

Customer-Centric Product Development

Combining both hardware and software, smart lockers designed by companies that ensure consistent enhancement and customer-focused new features mean they can evolve with your organisation as it grows.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 3.32.58 PM
Admin Access

Remote access capabilities for multiple or unlimited administrators allows organisations to easily scale and manage thousands of devices from anywhere in the world.

 Admins are able to create User Groups to better manage users and to authorise large sets of users to specific Towers or nodes.

LocknCharge Cloud Security

The Cloud platform powering the smart charging locker should remotely apply updates and security patches to better prepare against cyber attacks.

Data stored in the Cloud should be protected by industry-standard encryption certificates. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protects accounts from unauthorised access. Configuring an SSO provider allows admins to securely login with one set of verified credentials.

Future Proof Products-03
Future-Proof Investment

Purchasing a smart locker with modular replacement parts and quick access panels that allow for hardware serviceability is key to maximising your ROI. Regular software updates and improvement ensure Towers will be useful as device workflow changes.

The ability to switch the Smart Lockers from public charging and to break/fix or check-in/out workflows ensures that lockers are as flexible as you need them, especially in ever-changing work or education environments.

World-Class Support

World-class customer support that can assist with any issues or questions that may arise as businesses adapt to and invest in emerging and evolving technologies like the smart locker.

Evaluate FUYL Tower for Your Organisation

Download this guide for techs and specs helpful for IT and Operations Teams.

Why Choose a LocknCharge Smart Charging Locker?

The FUYL Tower is a solution that optimises and enables workflows efficiently and securely, which means businesses and organisations can save wasted time, minimise device down time and save money on labor costs.

The FUYL Tower pays for itself by reducing the loss of valuable assets, keeping devices secure and charged in 5 or 15 individually-lockable bays at a central location for on-site and nearby remote workers. Inherently contactless, it also prioritises the health and safety of staff and is an ideal solution for ongoing social distancing protocols.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    An admin can remotely control user access and monitor audit logs and user analytics.

  • Charging

    Charges most devices, including tablets, laptops, mobile phones and Chromebooks, hot spots, scanners and more.

  • Seamless Integration

    Can be integrated with existing IT infrastructure and systems.

  • Easily Scalable

    Easily scale via the LocknCharge Cloud to manage any number of Towers and devices in less time.

  • Customer-Centric Partner

    LocknCharge is a customer-centric technology company that helps organisations deploy and manage mission-critical assets.

  • Ready-to-Go Hardware

    End-to-end electronic hardware and native Cloud management software platform work together in our patented "off-the-shelf" automated smart locker solutions like the FUYL Tower.

  • Secure & Durable

    Secure software and durable hardware with a lifetime warranty ensure data and devices are protected when not in use.

  • New Features

    Consistent Cloud and hardware enhancements add additional and long-term value.

  • World-Class Support

    Our products are supported by Europe-based, responsive customer support and a dedicated support site to troubleshoot any issues.

  • Achieve ROI in 10-16 Weeks

    FUYL Tower ROI averages 10-16 weeks or less.


Measure Your Results with FUYL Tower

During a 15-minute discovery call, we will uncover how to automate your device management process, realize the potential of FUYL Tower for your business and discuss pricing options.