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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape LocknCharge solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

How Much Does Your Device Repair and Replacement Process Really Cost?

As more employees shift to remote or hybrid work models the cost of mobile device repair and replacement is expected to rise. At home, kids spill drinks on laptops, pets step on keyboards and food crumbs damage circuitry. Then there’s the accidental damage that goes along with lugging your devices to and from the office, not to mention the increase in forgotten charging cords, power supplies and other vital equipment. 

Phone, laptop and tablet repair costs are quickly becoming a significant business expense – but do you know how much they’re really costing you? Mobile device repair drains your IT resources and results in downtime for employees who are unable to work. An efficient break/fix and replacement process is essential to help your employees stay productive.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Tablet or Laptop?

Tablet repair costs vary widely based on the age of the device, the model and the repairs needed. Screen replacement alone can vary by hundreds of dollars. For a newer iPad model, it can cost anywhere from £160/€180 to £320/€360, but older models may cost less. Other common tablet problems, like faulty charging ports or volume buttons, cost around £80/€90 to fix.

So how much does laptop repair cost? Laptop screen replacement may cost more than a tablet because they have larger screens. Faulty power jacks, broken keyboards and fans and other common hardware problems cost between £80/€90 and £198/€237. Larger laptop repair costs like issues with the motherboard or hard drive can easily run you more than £320/€360.

The True Cost of Mobile Device Repair

Putting a price on mobile device repair isn’t easy for a business, and the above costs don’t take into account lost productivity. When nearly 20% of mobile devices break or go missing each year, the burden falls on your IT staff. Yet one of the top complaints by IT staff is that they don’t have enough time to complete their current workload. 

Have you ever asked yourself just how much time your IT department wastes on workforce technology deployment? Physically running around gathering and replacing broken devices or supplying cables? Consider this:

  • The average fully-burdened labor cost for IT technical work ranges between £52/€62 and £103/€123 per hour  
  • When working in an office, it takes about an hour to exchange a device manually
  • The average number of laptop and devices exchanges per week per location is around 5

That’s over 250 hours and nearly £20,975/€23,529+ per year just to exchange devices! While it may not be possible to eradicate all system and equipment issues, there’s a better solution to decrease device downtime and reduce workloads – and you won’t need to hire more people, create more manual workarounds or outsource the issue.

How to Streamline Your Mobile Device Repair Program

By deploying a cloud-based smart locker such as a FUYL Tower, you can eliminate many of the manual workflow processes of break/fix programs, simplify replacing damaged, lost or forgotten devices, and help lower your laptop and tablet repair costs.

Automate Your Break/Fix Program

Looking for an IT cost savings idea? Centralize and automate your time-wasting manual device exchanges with a smart charging locker. A FUYL Tower allows you to keep several devices charged, secure and connected in an accessible location. 

When a staff member breaks a device, simply send them to the locker to get a replacement. Not only does this solution save time and money, but it can also make your team’s lives easier. Employees can simply swap their broken device for a new one and be on their way with a new device. With FUYL Towers and the powerful LocknCharge Cloud platform, a manual process that once took an hour to complete now takes less than a minute.

With FUYL Towers, a manual process that once took an hour to complete now takes less than a minute.

To automate this process even further, LocknCharge Cloud can be integrated with your current IT ticketing system, such as Incident IQ, Learn21 One2One Manager, ServiceNow or another ITSM platform with API integration. Then you can automatically find a Tower bay that is suitable for the user and notify the user with directions to collect their device.

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Simplify Equipment Distribution

FUYL Towers accommodate and charge almost any device, with or without cases. But what happens when your employee needs a different piece of equipment, such as a replacement cable? Or when HR has paperwork to be signed? Employees often need more than just a laptop to perform their jobs.

With a FUYL Tower, simplify the distribution of any item that fits a 73 (H) x 365 (W) x 438 (D) mm slot. Grant specific users access to individual bays by using their RFID badge or assigned PIN code. Employees can then easily access supplies, and you can view a detailed event log to know who accessed bays and when.

Read more tips to better manage remote workers, including the steps to deploy a zero-touch model for maintaining devices and equipment.

Streamline the Process for Ready-to-Go Devices

With a FUYL Tower filled with ready-to-go devices, you’ll reduce in-person interactions and speed up the check-in/check-out and mobile device repair process. Just ask the IT team of one of the largest energy companies in the U.S. who recently automated their device check-in/check-out process. 

They deployed a fleet of mobile devices for their customer-facing departments to achieve greater operating efficiencies, adapt to evolving regulatory requirements, provide complete and accurate information to field employees and better communicate with the field. 

They needed to implement a system to help manage these mobile devices. With the FUYL Tower, the IT team can assign specific lockers and devices to employees and restrict and monitor access to these devices. This process added another layer of accountability for employee devices and streamlined IT’s ability to manage thousands of devices remotely. FUYL Towers helped automate a manual process for managing devices and ensure that field technicians have the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Choose the Right Secure Charging Locker

By automating the clunky mobile device repair and replacement process, LocknCharge FUYL Tower 5 or 15 charging lockers allow organizations to save a considerable amount of time, not to mention reduce staff frustration caused by frequent interruptions.

Get a return on investment between 10 to 16 weeks.
  1. Get a return on investment between 10 to 16 weeks. Whether your associates are checking out devices daily or you’re seeking to automate your loaner program, the average ROI is no more than four months.
  2. Leverage for broken device exchanges or device check-in/out environments. Easily store fully-charged, ready-to-use devices inside the locker bay until the administrator provides access to a user. Administrators can also assign a specific compartment to a single user.
  3. Address safety concerns and reduce risk. The system offers self-service with the swipe of an RFID badge, eliminating the need for human intervention to check out a device or pick up a loaner.
  4. Easily scale as your business grows. The LocknCharge Cloud allows you to manage thousands of users and shave time off tasks you once had to do manually. These minutes gained by everyone involved help to increase ROI.
  5. Rely on us for peace of mind. Our customer support has a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS), and our products come with a lifetime warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Schedule a Live Product Demo or ROI Evaluation

If you’re curious how FUYL Tower could integrate into your operational workflow, we’re here to help. LocknCharge exists to make life easier for mobile technology users by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of devices at all times. Get in touch with LocknCharge today to set up a demo or to get a custom FUYL Tower ROI Evaluation.

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