Looking for a better way to distribute, manage and charge mobile devices?

Save time and money by simplifying processes with smart lockers, charging carts and charging stations by LocknCharge.

IT Teams are tasked with making sure laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and iPads are always accessible and ready for use.

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Uncharged, broken, lost or forgotten devices will no longer slow you down-so you can work smarter, not harder.

Simpler charging solutions for mobile device deployments.

LocknCharge offers hardware and connected solutions, perfect for all industries, that will save your organisation time and money.

Save time and money with multi-device charging solutions for every workflow.

Whether your school or business is deploying 5 or 50,000 mobile devices, LocknCharge offers products such as smart lockers, multi device charging stations or charging carts to integrate mobile technology seamlessly into your workflow.

While all of our mobile device charging stations are designed to store, lock and charge your mobile device investment, we also specialise in 1:1 device programs, shared device programs, check-in/check-out systems and broken device exchanges.

Our products are highly-durable so they will protect your costly device investment well into the future. Here are some of the benefits of LocknCharge solutions:

  • Centrally store devices so employees and students know where to find them

  • Streamline 1:1, check in/out, shared or loaner device programs to save time

  • Efficiently charge devices so they're always ready for use

  • Automate broken device exchanges to save time and resources

  • Physically secure devices to protect your organisation from theft or data breaches

  • Transport devices easily and safely with carts on wheels or our handy device baskets

Want to learn more about LocknCharge solutions?

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