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3 Best Charging Stations for Mobile Devices in Healthcare

20.09.23 in News
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If your healthcare facility owns mobile devices, such as iPad or Tablet devices for staff or shift workers to complete their work, then you need a simple, yet secure way to store, charge, and distribute the devices. Learn how a high-quality storage system like a charging station can solve this need.

Webinar: Learn21’s One2One Manager & LocknCharge Smart Locker Integration

25.05.23 in News
Featured products: Charging Stations

Learn how Little Miami School District implemented end-to-end asset management for student devices by integrating their helpdesk ticketing system with smart charging lockers.

MicrosoftEDULab features Joey Charging Carts for Securing, Charging and Deploying Devices in Schools

14.04.23 in News
Featured products: Charging Stations

Madrid, Spain – LocknCharge, a leading provider of innovative charging solutions for mobile devices, is pleased to announce that its Joey Charging Cart has been included as part of the MicrosoftEDULab in Madrid, Spain.

4 Benefits of a Secure Laptop Charging Cart for Esports Programs and How to Choose the Best One

27.03.23 in News
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IT equipment needed for esports can be very expensive and is often a barrier for schools looking to implement or expand their esports programs – which is why a secure laptop charging solution is imperative to mitigating unexpected expenses due to stolen or missing egaming devices.

Smart Locker Overview: A better way for schools to physically manage mobile device technology for students and staff

09.03.23 in News
Featured products: Charging Stations

Learn how to deploy mobile devices faster without the need for staff to be physically present.

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