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4 Ways a Secure Laptop Charging Cart Can Help Egaming Programs

27.03.23 in News
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IT equipment needed for esports can be very expensive and is often a barrier for schools looking to implement or expand their egaming programs – which is why a secure laptop charging solution is imperative to mitigating unexpected expenses due to stolen or missing egaming devices.

Smart Locker Overview: A better way for schools to physically manage mobile device technology for students and staff

09.03.23 in News
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Learn how to deploy mobile devices faster without the need for staff to be physically present.

Smart Charging Lockers Eliminate Device Downtime for Students at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

08.02.23 in News
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LAUSD, the second largest system in the US, turned to LocknCharge to provide students and educators with access to ready-to-use devices anytime they’re needed. As part of their phase 1 roll-out, the District is deploying 1,800 LocknCharge FUYL Tower™ 15’s across all of their school sites.

Connected Devices, Streamlined Learning: Smart Charging Lockers Help Students Avoid Device Downtime

16.01.23 in News
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The widespread adoption of technology in K-12 learning during the pandemic has enabled distance learning, personalized instruction and many other classroom benefits, but this new reality comes with challenges. In this article, we take a look at how device downtime hurts student learning – and what to do about it.

2022 Survey: A Look at How Student Device Downtime Impacts Learning

14.01.23 in News
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In November of 2022, LocknCharge conducted a survey to educators from across the United States. The survey results demonstrates usage in the classroom and the disruptions to learning caused by device downtime. Learn More.

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