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Cheers to a Smart and Connected 2022

06.12.22 in News

Like most of you, we are thrilled to be reconnecting…

Smart Charging Lockers Solving Device Management for Mondovi School District

28.11.22 in News

After a seamless implementation of a FUYL Tower 5 demo unit, Elkins saw all of his ROI calculations materialise. He also saw learning loss eliminated while students with broken or forgotten devices were immediately equipped with a fully charged and ready loaner.

PD Charging 101 – Everything You Need to Know About PD Charging

16.11.22 in News

As the experts in physical device management, we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about PD (Power Delivery) charging.

Short-Staffed Hospitals Gain Efficiency with Device Management

27.10.22 in News

Learn how short-staffed hospitals can ease their burden on nurses with better device management. LocknCharge Putnam charging stations efficiently charge, organise, secure and store mission-critical devices in healthcare.

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