Joey™ 30 and 40 Charging Carts

Quick Benefits

  • Affordable with LocknCharge Benefits.
  • Charge, secure and transport 30 or 40 devices.
  • Eliminates time consuming wiring.
  • Top loading design speeds up device deployment in class.

Charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 or 40 of almost any device at a more affordable price.

The Joey 30 and 40 Carts allows users to enjoy the education-focused designs LocknCharge is known for at a more entry-level price. The Carts include Baskets by LocknCharge for faster, safer and more efficient deployment. Best of all, this multi-device charging station is compatible with almost any device, so it is a smart choice for assuring the devices you have today and the devices you have in the future will be charged and secured. 

  • Top-Loading Cart Design. The lid folds all the way down to the sides of the Cart, allowing for unrestricted access to devices from all four sides, making hand-out and pack-up even quicker. Plus, there’s no bending down to remove devices from a bottom shelf. Your back and your sanity will thank you!
  • Organised Cables and Hidden Bricks. Our “tool box” design stores bricks in a removable tray for ultra-easy access to bricks, cords and cables without needing to reach into the Cart. Cords stay even more organised in the side cable channels allowing you to plug in devices quickly after each use.
  • External Charging Status Display. Most of us don’t have x-ray vision–but with our Joey Carts, it’s super easy to know the charging status of your devices through the external ECO Safe Charge™ display.
  • Baskets by LocknCharge. These aren’t your typical picnic baskets. Slotted device Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer and more efficient, putting valuable time back into your day.
  • Compatible & Efficient. Larger devices never have to feel left out. Joey Carts can accommodate and charge 30 or 40 of almost any device, with or without cases.
  • Looking to charge 36 devices? No worries, the Joey 40 Cart will accommodate 36 devices today and allow room for 4 additional devices in the future. Plan ahead today, and save money for tomorrow.
  • Affordable. Enjoy all the great Cart features LocknCharge is known for at a more entry-level price. Smaller Footprint. Joey 30 and 40 Cart lids open vertically and fold down completely, leaving a smaller footprint in tight spaces.
  • Safe Power Management. Never blow a fuse again. ECO Safe Charge™ handles power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power. Plus, it ensures that devices are not overcharged, increasing their longevity.
  • Tough as Nails. Joey Carts are made with high-quality steel, and are backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • Secure. Protect your device investment without worry. Lock away devices in the storage area with a padlock. An optional anchor kit locks the whole Cart to the floor.
  • Future Proof. Think inside the box, and you won’t be stuck with a bunch of outdated Carts. Removable racks and baskets allow this Cart to adapt to future needs as devices change or new technology is added.
  • Lock Included. Our Joey Cart comes with a high-quality, stainless steel lock and keys.

Smarter Laptop, Tablet and Chromebook Workflow with Joey Carts

Save Time, Save Money. Our goal is to save you valuable time, each and every day, thus putting money back towards your bottom line. Our Baskets enable hand-out and pack-up of devices in less time, allowing you to forget about charging and focus on your goals. 

Perfect for Shared Use. Not enough devices to go around? No problem. You can now easily share a small handful or a whole cartload of mobile devices between multiple areas without the fuss. When teamed up with our baskets, our lightweight, easy-to-maneuver Carts allow you to transport mobile devices quickly, safely and easily. 

Joey 30

Specifications: 830 mm (H) x 646 mm (W) x 710 mm (L) | 41 kg

Joey 30 Cart SKUs  
British Plug Type G LNC10379
Euro Shuko Plug Type F LNC10377
French Plug Type E LNC10378
Joey 40

Specifications: 830 mm (H) x 646 mm (W) x 891 mm (L) | 50 kg

Joey 40 Cart SKUs  
British Plug Type G LNC10382
Euro Shuko Plug Type F LNC10380
French Plug Type E LNC10381
Optional Accessories
Joey 30 & 40 Optional Accessories  
Floor Lock Down Kit LNC10010