FUYL Tower™ 5
Smart Lockers

A complete smart locker solution with cloud-based software to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

Smarter mobile device management with FUYL Tower Smart Charging Lockers

FUYL Tower powered by LocknCharge Cloud can automate device check in/out, broken device exchanges and secure public charging on demand.

Smarter mobile device management with FUYL Tower Smart Lockers

FUYL Tower powered by LocknCharge Cloud can automate device check in/out, broken device exchanges and secure public charging on demand.

On-the-Fly Device Exchanges

Authorised users are granted on-the-fly access to loaner devices inside lockers.

External Cloud Integrations

This process can be automated further by integrating external help desk software with LocknCharge Cloud.

Pre-Assigned Checkouts

Authorised users can access devices inside lockers any time without assistance.

On-the-Fly Checkouts

Authorised users can be given access to shared devices inside lockers on the fly.

Managed Public Charging

Authorised users can select a bay to charge their device at their convenience.

Full Public Mode

Anyone can select a bay and user-assigned PIN to charge their device.

FUYL Tower Hardware Features

USB Port and Power Outlet

Each bay contains one power outlet and one USB Charging port.

Secure, Steel Construction

Roust construction deters attempted break ins.

Serviceability in the FIeld

Various hardware and electronic components are packaged into modules.

RFID or PIN Code Access

Compartments can be opened via RFID or PIN code. FUYL Tower supports most RFID standards.

External LED Bay Status

Each bay has an external LED indicator to know if a bay is available (green), reserved (white) or offline (no light). 

Illuminated Compartments

Internal bay lights help users clearly see contents inside when the door is open.

Easy-to-Follow Display

4.3" graphical color control module and keypad is simple to navigate for both admins and users.

Optional Network Kit

The Network Kit enables installation of a network switch (not included), making it possible to re-image devices remotely.

Download the FUYL Tower Smart Charging Locker Evaluation Guide

As you prepare for your charging locker proof of concept, download the FUYL Tower Evaluation Guide to ensure a successful program launch.


✔  Cloud Tier Features & Security Info

✔  Complete Hardware Features

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✔  Detailed FUYL Tower Specs

FUYL Tower 5 Hardware Specs & Accessories

Tower Specs 593 (H) x 528 (W) x 480 (D) mm | 35kg
Bay Specs73 (H) x 365 (W) x 438 (D)
5 Bays per Tower
Bay PowerOne (1) power outlet per bay
240Vac nom, 50Hz 10A Max

One (1) USB port per bay
5VDC @2.4A Max
Bay AccessRFID
Tower Power Specs1 IEC power receptacle
240Vac nom, 50Hz 10A Max
Hardware Bundle SKUsLNC10212 - FUYL Tower 5 Hardware & Cloud Bundle
1 Year Cloud Advanced Software
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on main frame, electrical and all other components
Optional AccessoriesFUYL Tower 5 Network Kit (10318) - Optional
540 x 490 x 150 mm (boxed)

FUYL Tower 5 Wall Mounting Kit (10317) - Optional
640 x 620 x 180 mm (boxed)

Centrally Manage Smart Lockers from Anywhere

Remotely control your FUYL Towers with our powerful LocknCharge Cloud platform.


FUYL Tower Smart Locker Customer Success Stories

Tech Team at Brasher Falls Spends 80% Less Time Managing Student Device Issues by Utilising a Smart Locker by LocknCharge

By utilising a Smart Locker System, the Tech Team at Brasher Falls experienced a significant reduction in time spent managing device issues caused by lost, missing or uncharged devices. Watch customer story here.

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Goodpasture Christian School Efficiently Loans Devices to Students by Utilising a Smart Locker

A technology department of one Technology Director was tasked with managing technology for 1,000 students, so it’s no surprise that efficiently managing and distributing these devices to students was a big challenge. They implemented a FUYL Tower Smart Locker to facilitate independent device loans for students experiencing issues with missing or forgotten devices as well as a streamlined solution for exchanging broken devices.

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Dayton ISD: How to Run an Efficient Student-Led Help Desk with Smart Lockers and Learn21

Discover how Dayton ISD overcame the challenges of inefficient loaner device distribution with the FUYL Tower Smart Locker and Learn21 integration. Learn how this innovative solution reduced student downtime, empowered students, and saved IT staff time, ultimately enhancing the education technology experience. Read Case Study.

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Streamlining Laptop Management at Hernando County School District with FUYL Tower Smart Lockers and Learn21

Hernando County School District implements FUYL Tower Smart Locker and Learn 21 to eliminate interruptions to learning, classroom time, and testing, while also reducing the workload on their already-stretched technical team.

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Smart Charging Lockers Eliminate Device Downtime for Students at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

LAUSD, the second largest system in the US, turned to LocknCharge to provide students and educators with access to ready-to-use devices anytime they’re needed. As part of their phase 1 roll-out, the District is deploying 1,800 LocknCharge FUYL Tower™ 15’s across all of their school sites.

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Elizabeth Gregory Home and LocknCharge Team Up to Provide Security to Women Facing Hardship

Written by Ally Baehr, Executive Director, Elizabeth Gregory Home. LocknCharge has given us the best option to meet the needs of the women we serve. Women can safely lock their devices in our secure LocknCharge Charging Locker and finally get some good rest, be able to step away from their device and take a shower, and not worry about it getting stolen.

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Smart Charging Lockers Solving Device Management for Mondovi School District

After a seamless implementation of a FUYL Tower 5 demo unit, Elkins saw all of his ROI calculations materialise. He also saw learning loss eliminated while students with broken or forgotten devices were immediately equipped with a fully charged and ready loaner.

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Smart Locker Software Evolves to Meet the Needs of Evolutive Higher Ed Institution

FUYL Tower Smart Charging Lockers help IUT Valence establish a better student experience while time for IT team. Read Case Study.

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Danone Brand, Blédina, Goes Paperless with iPad® Smart Charging Lockers to Improve Efficiency

Blédina automates IT and employee check in/out workflow with a shared iPad program and FUYL Tower Smart Lockers. Learn More.

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Vauban Executes a “Textbook” Launch for Digital Textbooks with Smart Lockers

Read a blueprint for success for the launch of a 1:1 take-home iPad program using FUYL Tower Smart Charging Lockers by LocknCharge.

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