Putnam™ 8 or 16 Charging Station with USB-C PD

Quick Benefits

  • Charges 8 or 16 USB-C iPad®, tablet, and Chromebook devices simultaneously
  • Features USB-C fast charging
  • Colour-coded, external charging status displays
  • Wall mountable and stackable
  • Integrated mechanical combination lock
  • Pre-wired with 8 or 16 USB-C cables
  • Fully-welded steel construction
  • Lifetime warranty

Improves Workflow Efficiency From Top to Bottom.

Pre-wired with Integrated USB-C Cables

One station fits iPad®, iPad Pro®, tablet and Chromebook devices. Cables are secured to the side panel to reduce loss and theft.

Know Charging Status at a Glance

In high-stakes, fast-paced environments, the external charging status indicators ensure employees and students are grabbing a fully-charged device. Plus, it’s easy to see if devices have been returned and plugged in, even when the door is closed.

Quickly Charge Devices

Never wait around for a charged device again. With PD charging, PD-compatible devices are quickly charged and ready to use.1

Fully-Assembled, No Setup

Right out of the box, this station is plug and play. Unbox it, plug it in, stock with devices, and you’re all set. More working, less dinking around.


Additional Time, Space and Money-Saving Features

  • Tiny footprint. The station takes up 342 x 407 mm of counter real estate, perfect for space-tight environments.
  • Built to last. Fully-welded steel construction will hold up to heavy use. Should a cable fray or break, quickly swap in a new one (sold separately).
  • Large slots, removable shelves. For taller devices, like handheld scanners and mobile printers, simply remove a shelf to double the slot height.2
  • Built-in, mechanical combination lock. Secure devices from theft, loss and data breaches by locking them up while not in use. The integrated combo lock eliminates the need for keys, so multiple people can easily access devices.
  • Wall mountable. Free up space with a wall-mounting kit (sold separately).
  • Over-temperature sensors. Each port contains protection circuitry which will turn off power to the port if it gets too hot.
  • Lifetime Warranty. LocknCharge products are built to last. The Putnam Charging Stations come with a lifetime warranty.3
  • World-class Customer Support. Our helpful and friendly Customer Support team will promptly assist with any product issues or questions.



Putnam 8 Charging Station Specifications:

  • External Product Dimensions: 342 (L) mm x 407 (D) mm x 378 (H) mm | 13.2kg
  • Dimensions of each slot: 304 mm (L) x 245 mm (D) x 31 mm (H)

Putnam 16 Charging Station Specifications:

  • External Product Dimensions: 342 mm (L) x 407 mm (D) x 706 mm (H) | 22kg
  • Dimensions of each slot: 304 mm (L) x 245 mm (D) x 31 mm (H)


LocknCharge Putnam 8 Product Numbers: 

  • LNC10530 – Putnam 8 Charging Station
  • LNC10180 – Putnam 8 Wall Mounting Kit

LocknCharge Putnam 16 Product Numbers:

  • LNC10535 – Putnam 16 Charging Station
  • LNC10175 – Putnam 16 Wall Mount Kit

Additional Putnam Charging Station Accessories:

  • LNC10526 – USB-C to USB-C replacement cables, 4 pack
  • LNC10525 – USB-C to Lightning replacement cables, 4 pack