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multi device charging station launched in Japan

LocknCharge is committed to making teachers’ lives easier by manufacturing high-quality solutions for charging, transporting, securing, storing and syncing mobile devices. Technology has many advantages in the classroom, and LocknCharge exists to ensure technology facilitates learning rather than becomes a hindrance to learning.

Currently operating in over 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe, LocknCharge has had major global success in the education sector with their unique charging systems.

From November 7-9 at EDIX 2018, LocknCharge will showcase its innovative range of mobile device charging and storage stations to the Japanese education market for the very first time.

LocknCharge recognizes that not all schools are the same. That is why they offer a variety of different storage and charging solutions to suit any educational establishment. Whether priorities align with affordability, flexibility or ease of use, LocknCharge has a superior range of charging options, all manufactured with high-quality components and thoughtful designs.

Lockncharge is known for its unique and innovative device carrying baskets, which keep tablets safe during transport and reduce the time spent by teachers in distributing devices. They also decrease the time spent by children queuing up in front of the multi-device charging station or cart to put devices away. This means teaching can happen faster, saving over two weeks of instructional time per cart each year.

Other common problems in schools include a lack of available space. LocknCharge Multi-Device Charging Stations are designed to be compact and are wall or desk-mountable minimizing the amount of space they take up in each room.

We will be launching our Carrier 20, 30 & 40 Carts, their iQ 20 & iQ 30 Carts, and their EVO 40 & EVO 40 Sync & Charge Carts to the Japanese market. They will also be introducing their Carrier 10, iQ 10 and iQ 10 Sync & Charge Stations, their Putnam 8 and 16 Charging Stations and the Sphero Charging Case.

LocknCharge Carts offer supreme flexibility and are easy to set up. Every Cart includes Baskets by LocknCharge for easy device distribution and pack-up. Carrier Carts are truly universal as they are compatible with Chromebook, Tablet, iPad devices and more. iQ Carts and EVO Sync & Charge Carts have the capability to easily sync devices so that they’re always up to date with relevant data and software.

The iQ Charging Stations can transform any wall, desk or bench into a secure space for charging mobile devices. The iQ Charging Stations are designed to be flexible and adapt to your surroundings.

LocknCharge Multi-Device Charging Stations can transform any wall, desk or bench into a secure space for charging mobile devices without taking up valuable classroom space. Putnam Charging Stations feature external LED lights so teachers can see if iPads are fully charged (green), charging (green), not plugged in/missing (no light). They also come pre-wired with 8 or 16 perfectly-sized MFi-approved Lightning cables, making setup a breeze while ensuring that cords never become tangled. With an integrated mechanical combination lock, there are no keys to worry about either. Plus, the iPad charging station includes a master override key for school administrators in case of forgotten combinations.

Other products on show by LocknCharge at EDIX 2018 include the Sphero Charging Case, designed to charge, store, secure and carry Sphero Bolt or Sphero SPRK+ robots.

James Symons, CEO of LocknCharge, says: “LocknCharge products keep tablets safe, synced and charged, and always ready for use. This makes the management process so much easier for individual teachers and schools, freeing up their time to do what they do best – teach.  We are extremely excited to be launching for the first time in Japan at EDIX, and this further cements our vision to be globally recognised as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology.”

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Medical Mobile Device Deployments in Healthcare | LocknCharge Europe

US News  |  November 1, 2018  |  Buffalo, NY


Erie County Medical Center has been a model of wellness in the Buffalo, NY community for over a Century, providing state-of-the-art care long before advanced medical procedures or prescription drugs. Technology in healthcare has come a long way since the hospital’s foundation. The Medical Center is now a “Level I” Trauma Center providing the highest level of specialty expertise to as many as 400 patients at any given time. This June, the Trauma Center deployed mobile device technology to 55 of their Anesthesiologists, Attendings, CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) and Residents with the goals of improving patient care, eliminating paper processes, streamlining workflow and reducing costs.


Before they could implement any type of mobile device initiative, the Erie County Medical Center Anesthesia Department had several critical factors to consider:

  • How will this project improve patient care?
  • How will we protect the devices, digitally and physically?
  • How will the initiative fit into/change the current workflow?
  • How do we train our already very busy staff?
  • How will this solution save the hospital money?
Solution & Results

The conversation to roll out mobile devices began almost two years before implementation–and because of the due diligence of the IT Team, Erie County Medical Center was able to overcome every single challenge before the launch of the mobile device program, leading to a flawless transition from paper to mobile devices.

Improved Patient Care: By switching from manual paper processes to digital records, the hospital was able to streamline workflow, providing patients with a more efficient hospital experience. Hospital staff members were also able to standardize and improve data entry accuracy which led to fewer billing errors.

Protecting Data and Devices: Hospitals must be extremely diligent in protecting patient information. Because of this critical component, the Erie County Medical Center chose a security solution even before they made a final decision on the type of mobile device they would implement. Without addressing this crucial step, the project would never have been able to move forward. They implemented MDM software to address digital security. And because 41% of data breaches are caused by stolen devices, the LocknCharge FUYL Tower Charging Locker was implemented to address physical security, enabling Providers to lock up their devices while not in use.

Streamlined Workflow for Staff: Using devices to input electronic medical records greatly reduced data entry time spent by patient services staff members. Records were immediately updated in the system, and the billing process became more efficient.

Convenient iPad access was imperative to a seamless workflow transition for the Providers at Erie. During their shift, healthcare staff would need to carry the iPad the entire time, either in their pocket (iPad mini) or in an over-the-shoulder pouch (iPad).

Because of the small footprint of the charging unit, the FUYL Towers could be placed in the Operating Room office and the Anesthesia office where Providers get ready for the start their shift, making device pickup quick and easy. Each staff member was assigned an individual locker inside the FUYL Tower to charge, store and secure their mobile device. They even had the ability to set their own 4-digit PIN number, making it easy to remember. Should anyone forget their code, the hospital’s Helpdesk was there to retrieve forgotten PIN numbers or to open a locker remotely. At the end of their shift, the Provider would secure their device in the FUYL Tower. Using a centralized charging station ensured that devices were easy to locate, charged and ready for use 100% of the time.

Staff Training: Many of the healthcare providers at Erie had never used an iPad before, so the IT Team began a weekly training program in June of 2018, three months before the program went live. They covered training for using the iPads, the software, the iPad charging station and the new workflow. By September, when their staff had the devices in-hand, they were fully prepared–and even excited– about the mobile device program. The Network Team (IT Team) immediately embraced the plan and found the FUYL Towers very easy to use and manage.

Reducing Costs: Prior to implementing mobile technology, individual Providers would handwrite notes on paper medical forms. Those notes had to be deciphered by the rest of the medical staff as well as the billing department. Moving to electronic records ensured accurate patient records and correct billing, which saved the hospital valuable time and money.

Their security plan also decreased the likelihood that devices would go missing or be stolen, keeping the allocated budget for the devices on track and protecting the hospital from costly data breaches.

The FUYL Tower is also backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that their chosen charging solution would last well into the future. Request a quote today!

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