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Chromebooks and Chromebook Carts – Gaining Popularity

5 reasons why Chromebooks and Chromebook Carts are gaining in popularity in the UK and Europe

Chromebooks – a type of ‘simple’ laptop – offer schools a complete portable solution, including a fully sized keyboard. Chromebooks can be conveniently charged and stored in the LocknCharge Carrier 10 Charging Station and Carrier 20, 30 and 40 Carts, as well as the Joey 30 and 40 Carts.

It is hard to believe that Chromebooks were only launched six years ago, considering that, in 2015, they overtook Macbooks in US schools for the first time ever. In fact, according to the IDC (International Data Corporation) Chromebook’s share of the US education market was a huge 49% last year.

The UK and Europe hasn’t quite seen the same level of success as in the USA, however, it is quickly following suit, largely due to improved wifi connections across the region. Both Chromebooks, and storing and charging stations that carry Chromebooks, are becoming more and more popular in UK classrooms for a number of reasons. These include:

  1. Improved connectivity – Chromebooks rely on an internet connection to work, which is traditionally where they have had their limitations. However, as the UK digital infrastructure grows to support an increase in internet traffic, wifi and broadband coverage is becoming better and better. As wifi infrastructure improves in UK schools, so does the popularity of Chromebooks. Chromebooks can also be used by students at home (where strong wifi connections are mostly plentiful) for homework or extra-curricular learning.
  2.  Price – They may not have the ‘brand power’ that iPads have, but Chromebooks are recognised for their ability to fulfill the dream of a ‘one device per child’ scenario that many schools long for. Unlike the pricier iPad, Chromebooks are the ideal solution for budget conscious establishments. With the ability to purchase enough devices for a whole class, storage solutions that store and charge multiple devices simultaneously are also becoming more popular. This is where a Chromebook Cart comes in handy.  Chromebook Carts ensure that devices are always charged, accessible and ready to use. Chromebook Carts also protect devices against being lost or stolen.
  3. Easy to manage – With time savings a major priority in schools across the country, teachers are looking for solutions to make their lives as easy as possible. Google boasts that Chromebooks take ‘minutes to set up, less than 10 seconds to start up, and include multiple layers of security’. This is all well and good, but to function correctly they need to be charged, so investing in a good Chromebook Cart can assure that all devices are not only charged, be deployed in an efficient manner. Looking for a Chromebook Cart that includes features like Baskets that enable devices to be deployed in a fraction of the time can further ease Chromebook management.
  4. Limited tech – Sometimes, technology made simple is the best solution. Chromebooks have been praised as being easy to use, which means they are great for schools without technology specialists, or a lack of tech support staff. Because they are so simple to use, they don’t have the fancy extras like lots of storage, however, the rise of online storage systems like Dropbox has meant that this isn’t an issue. Charging needn’t be a headache if schools choose to invest in a simple to use Chromebook Cart or Charging Station that keeps charging in one place, and removes the need for cables running around all over the place!
  5. Great for large scale deployment – A bit like email, students can just sign in with a Google account, and their apps and documents instantly appear. This means students can easily share Chromebook devices. Deployment gets even easier when using a Chromebook cart with baskets, that can be simply placed onto classroom tables and collected or dropped back into the cart at the end of the lesson. No time is wasted on children hunting around for a specific device, and the cart ensures every Chromebook is charged and ready to go. Teachers can ensure online safety too by locking down what they don’t want children to see. If a Chromebook is lost or stolen, they can also be disabled remotely.

The future for the Chromebook is bright, and Google has recently released new models in partnership with Samsung, which feature several tablet-like features, including the ability to use a stylus and touch controls.

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