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The Faces Behind World-Class Customer Support at LocknCharge

Schools tell us we rock. Academies say we’re awesome. Teachers say we make a difference. Our reps have even been called lifesavers. One customer was so thrilled by their customer support experience, they shared a picture of their precious pup to express thanks and brighten our day.

So, what’s the secret behind our tech company’s wide-spread customer success? LocknCharge focuses on hiring extraordinary people who always strive to do what’s best for the customer.

Our customer support team continues to exemplify this magic formula for success. They’re our expert problem solvers, providing the right answers to your inquiries in 48 hours or less – sometimes before you even know what questions to ask. They’re passionate about our products and know them inside and out. They’ll conduct research, proactively inquire and follow up, making sure our customers are always satisfied. It’s the reason they receive countless thank you emails covered in exclamation points.

"Wow, what a wonderful experience! Thank you so much. Because you are so awesome, here is a picture of my puppy, Clementine. The world needs more pictures of Clementine. Sending Love and Light." -Rebecca
"I have recommended LocknCharge to several people now based on my experience with you. Thanks for the great support and really nice product."   -Matt Cramer
“Jason is awesome to work with and it is because we take good care of them that they continue to do business with us.” -Steve, Palo Verde School District
"I wanted to let you know I really appreciate how easy it is to work with you and your company.  I will certainly recommend LocknCharge to other districts going forth." -Happy Customer
"You guys are the best and that is why we are buying many more this summer! Thank you again!!" -Maria, Weatherford ISD

We know that being genuine, kind, courteous and caring goes a long way. When our customer service staff works hard and exceed expectations, customers tend to fall in love with our products and our staff. It’s no wonder our mobile technology company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 97 for its customer support, which is higher than world-renowned tech giants.

Jason Zelhofer - Customer Support Manager

Meet Jason

Jason Zelhofer, warranty and customer support manager, is working behind the scenes of this well-oiled customer support team. A top priority for Jason is making teachers’ lives easier, since he was raised by one. With a single-mom upbringing and as a father of three young boys, he just gets it. 

“I want teachers to be able to get home to their families quickly and not have to worry about tech issues in their classrooms,” he says.

Jason’s 15 years as a licensed electrician gave him the foundation he needed to build a strong support team at LocknCharge. From training apprentices and interacting with diverse clientele at hospitals, banks, government entities and schools, to managing two remote technical customer service associates and one on-site customer support specialist, he’s an expert at mentoring through example and talking customers through practically any scenario. From fulfilling a school’s request for an engineer’s CAD drawings due to new construction to ensuring a teacher doesn’t stress over a misplaced power cord, he wears many hats.  

“I love that we can be different,” Jason says. “We treat our accounts like family. We know them well, so they’ll ask us stuff like, ‘how are your kids doing?’”

Chris Ledbetter - Technical Customer Svc & Warranty Assoc.

Meet Chris

Chris Ledbetter is a self-proclaimed jokester and the go-to geek for all things mechanical. Previously as his own boss, he’s constructed powerful PCs for gaming. Repaired hardware and installed software. Recovered crashed operating systems. Designed complex networks. And as loadmaster for the US AirForce, he’s collected numerous awards and honors, including a global war on terrorism service medal, completed 155 combat missions, flown 296 combat hours, calculated the center of gravity and executed air drops.

He’s also a self-admitted “tinkerer of electronics” who at a young age, made it a hobby of his to break open consoles and computers. While most kids were playing with GI Joes, Chris just wanted to go to battle with another mother board. His obsession with technological toys continued, and he made a freelance career out of building computers and teaching other how to do the same. When he joined LocknCharge, his first task was taking apart 6-foot tall FUYL Towers and diagnosing non-functioning ones. At one point, his family was living with four of them in their living room.

When he’s not dismembering towers, he’s traveling to accounts with screw driver and miscellaneous parts always on hand.

“LocknCharge gives us a lot of autonomy to always make it right for the customer,” Chris says.


Caite Leifer - Customer Support Specialist

Meet Caite

With a blend of commercial insurance and waitressing experience, customer support specialist, Caite Leifer, has the perfect background for the job. She’s had many customer-facing interactions. She’s also had to work with many rules and restrictions, so she understands how rewarding it is to give customers exactly what they need.

"While sometimes it’s about helping customers make the right choices, other times it’s about providing them with simple reassurance that we’re here and we’re going to take care of their needs," Caite says.

“Contacting customer care should be as painless as possible…and even enjoyable.”

Caite is the first voice a customer hears, answering or fielding all inbound customer calls, support emails and online inquiries. While a standard response time is within 48 hours, she makes it her personal goal to contact customers within a few hours of their request to give them peace of mind that LocknCharge has received and is actively working on their request.

The customer support team is empowered to do whatever it takes to make it easier on customers.

“When I’m able to send a replacement cart to a teacher before school is in session, I get to lighten their load a little.” Caite says. “And it brightens my day. I get to say, ‘Don’t worry about it.’”

Each of the team members work autonomously in their respective area of expertise, but also operate as a close-knit group of four, adjusting to varying workflows, checking in, collaborating, and backing each other up. As Caite is shipping out replacement carts, troubleshooting a lock if a combination is forgotten, or writing up cases, she’s also fielding more complex cases to her teammates, enlisting one of LocknCharge’s technical customer service associates to get the job done. 

“We’re all in this together,” Steve Ledbetter, Global Chief Operating Officer, says. “Our company has been successful because of our people who are able to keep up with the ever-changing industry. Flexibility, adaptability and camaraderie are what counts in the tech world. Our competitors can try to create similar products, but there’s one thing they can’t ever replicate, and that’s our people.”

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