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The Best Prewired Charging Carts and Stations for Your School

If you currently have or are planning to create a mobile device strategy for your organization, you may already know that charging carts or stations are an essential piece of the puzzle. But did you know that prewired carts can help make deployment even easier?

Prewired carts and stations are out-of-the-box solutions that can save you both time and money. Many LocknCharge carts have a prewired option, plus other unique features. These charging solutions can make your summer deployments faster and easier, so you can get more done over the break and be ready to go when students return.


Benefits of Prewired Carts and Stations

Time Savings

IT labor shortages are increasing around the world as demand rises for more advanced skills. Lack of staffing means many organizations must find ways that the employees they already have can be more efficient. It takes about 30 minutes to wire a 30-capacity cart. LocknCharge prewired carts and stations come ready to use with USB-C cables already installed, organized and securely fastened.

With prewired carts and stations, IT techs don’t have to spend their summer cabling. Rather, they can focus on larger, strategic projects. They’re also a great option to meet a tight deadline or to help take care of large-scale rollouts quickly and efficiently.

“We were able to install our prewired station in a middle school in a day and hardly spend any time getting them ready.”

– Charri Stratton, Putnam City Schools


With prewired carts and stations, students and employees won’t need to use their own device cord in order to charge. They can simply plug their device into the prewired cable and remove the device when it’s done charging, without having to install and uninstall any cables. For schools that send devices home with students, this leaves their own device cable available to take home with them as needed, helping to reduce instances of forgotten or lost chargers.

Cost Savings

Prewired carts are an economical option. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) USB-C cables can cost $50 or more per cable. The cable hardware that comes with prewired carts is a great value-add – plus, you’re saving time for your IT team. And time is money. When you add in the benefits of charging stations overall – like better security to help reduce the costs of lost and stolen devices, minimized device downtime and more efficiency in check-in/check-out – you really start to see why prewired carts are a good technology investment.

The Best Prewired Carts for Schools

The best charging stations for your school depend on your unique needs. But there are some things you’ll want to look for that don’t change: LocknCharge offers unique solutions that come with future-proof features, lifetime warranties and excellent customer service and support. Here are our best prewired carts and charging stations for schools.

USB-C Prewired Carts

Carts are an excellent choice if you need more mobility in your deployment strategy, for example, moving devices from room to room. LocknCharge carts are also incredibly versatile with shelves, baskets and more for all your devices and learning tools.

Carrier Charging Carts by LocknCharge

Carrier Carts allow you to securely store, charge and transport up to 20, 30 or 40 mobile devices. The top surface of this top-loading cart doubles as a workspace, and the open-concept design makes it easy to customize to your needs long-term as devices evolve. Carrier Carts include Baskets by LocknCharge to easily hand out and pack up devices.

Joey Charging Carts by LocknCharge

Joey Carts are an affordable, top-loading charging cart that accommodates up to 30 or 40 devices. They’re lightweight, yet secure, and the interchangeable baskets and racks allow for greater flexibility. They also include Baskets by LocknCharge.

EPIC Charging Carts by LocknCharge

EPIC Carts are another affordable option that accommodate up to 24 or 36 devices. The space-saving design is ideal for smaller areas, and the front-loading shelves allow easy access for students.

USB-C Prewired Charging Stations

Charging stations work well for nearly any type of device strategy, providing a central area where students can securely charge devices. LocknCharge charging stations also offer many other features that help make your students’ and teachers’ lives easier.

Carrier Charging Stations by LocknCharge

Carrier 10 & 15 Charging Stations allow you to charge, store, secure and carry up to 10 or 15 devices. Since the cabinet is stationary, our device baskets make deployment easy, while allowing you to adapt to future needs. The small footprint means they fit just about anywhere or can be mounted on a wall.

Putnam 18 Charging Station by LocknCharge

Putnam 18 Charging Stations are designed to securely store and charge up to 18 Chromebooks, small laptops or tablets up to 13 inches. The tall, slim design is also stackable, with a pedestal that allows you to charge 36 devices with one outlet plug.

Revolution 32 Charging Cabinet by LocknCharge

Revolution 32 is a tall, slim option that takes up half the footprint of a traditional prewired cart. With sliding power strips and a versatile design, it can store up to 32 of almost any laptop or tablet device.

Putnam Charging Staitons by LocknCharge

Putnam 8 or 16 is designed to charge, store and secure 8 or 16 iPads. This prewired cart comes installed ​with lightning cables that are the just the right length to reach each device. They’re also compact, stackable and wall-mountable.

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