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New Technology Solution Trends for Restaurants

05.08.21 in Blog, Industry News

For many years, quick-serve restaurants (QSR), like McDonald’s, have had…

Top 5 EdTech Trends to Watch

25.05.21 in Blog, Industry News

Usually, top trends lists are published at the beginning of…

Webinar: Smart Device Management & Efficient Workflows in Restaurants

20.05.21 in Blog, Industry News

Presenter: Josh Davis, Sr Director of Customer Engagement at LocknCharge…

Managing Mobile Devices in Restaurants with Putnam

17.05.21 in Blog, Industry News

There is a lot that goes into a restaurant’s tech…

Evaluating Charging Solutions for Your Restaurant

17.05.21 in Blog, Industry News

Many restaurants are planning to or already have implemented mobile…

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