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How Ogdensburg City School District Uses Smart Lockers and Learn21 to Streamline Break/Fix and Loaner Workflows

24.04.24 in Blog

How the FUYL™ Smart Locker System and Learn21 Streamline Break/Fix and Loaner Workflows for Mobile Devices.

Streamlining Technical Support with LocknCharge Smart Lockers and Incident IQ at Hamilton County Schools

09.02.24 in Blog

The adoption of FUYL Tower Smart Lockers and Incident IQ has transformed technical support operations at Hamilton County Schools, enhancing efficiency and minimizing disruption to learning. Through leadership and commitment to innovation, the district has established a model for effective technical support that benefits staff and students alike.

Tech Team at Brasher Falls Spends 80% Less Time Managing Student Device Issues by Utilizing a Smart Locker by LocknCharge

05.02.24 in Blog

By utilizing a Smart Locker System, the Tech Team at Brasher Falls experienced a significant reduction in time spent managing device issues caused by lost, missing or uncharged devices. Watch customer story here.

4 Ways Smart Lockers Make Life Easier for Tech Managers, Teachers and Students in K-12 Schools

19.12.23 in Blog

Are broken, lost, stolen or uncharged devices causing learning, teaching and working disruptions in your school? Here are the top ways Smart Lockers will make life easier for those managing and using technology in K-12 Schools.

Goodpasture Christian School Efficiently Loans Devices to Students by Utilizing a Smart Locker

14.12.23 in Blog

A technology department of one Technology Director was tasked with managing technology for 1,000 students, so it’s no surprise that efficiently managing and distributing these devices to students was a big challenge. They implemented a FUYL Tower Smart Locker to facilitate independent device loans for students experiencing issues with missing or forgotten devices as well as a streamlined solution for exchanging broken devices.

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