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Customer Voices: Smart Lockers & Incident IQ Streamline IT Support at Hamilton County

February 9, 2024

Hamilton County Schools, located in Chattanooga, TN, is made up of 79 school locations and is responsible for educating over 44,500 students.

The incorporation of technology into their classrooms has addressed the unique requirements of their student population while opening a realm of opportunities by enriching curriculum through improved communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Jeremy Knox, the Coordinator of Technical Support, has played a pivotal role in managing innovative solutions to address technical issues efficiently across the district. This case study delves into how the adoption of Smart Lockers and Incident IQ transformed the technical support landscape at Hamilton County Schools.

Challenges Faced: Managing Technical Issues with One-to-One Chromebooks

Prior to the implementation of the FUYL Smart Locker System, Hamilton County Schools encountered significant challenges in managing technical issues with one-to-one Chromebooks. The district relied on personnel stationed at each school to handle Chromebook problems and issue replacement devices.

This approach often resulted in delays, with students experiencing extended wait times of hours or even days. Furthermore, it consumed a considerable portion of the staff’s valuable time, which could have been allocated more effectively to high priority initiatives.

Solution Implemented: FUYL Tower Smart Lockers and Incident IQ

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined technical support system, Jeremy Knox led the adoption of FUYL Tower Smart Lockers and the Incident IQ integration. With 75 Smart Lockers spread across 73 locations, the new system provided self-serve access to replacement Chromebooks for students, while Incident IQ served as a comprehensive ticketing system to facilitate issue resolution and maintain device accountability.

Results Achieved: Self-Service to Loaner Devices in Minutes

The implementation of Smart Lockers and Incident IQ revolutionized the technical support process at Hamilton County Schools. By empowering teachers to submit requests to IT, the district drastically reduced turnaround times. Instead of waiting hours or days, both the student and teacher receive a notification with replacement instructions almost instantly. From there students can quickly access a ready-to-use loaner device in a matter of minutes. This swift resolution ensures minimal disruption to classroom learning and keeps students engaged and productive.

Jeremy Knox notes that the new system has saved considerable time for both staff and students.

“It’s saved us a lot of time. It’s easy to implement. We quickly learned the process and it’s served our needs greatly.” – Jeremy Knox , Coordinator of Technical Support at Hamilton County Schools

The ease of implementation and quick adaptation to the process underscore the effectiveness of the new program in meeting the district’s technical support needs. Based on the success experienced at Hamilton County Schools, Jeremy enthusiastically recommends these solutions to other districts seeking to streamline their technical support processes.

Conclusion: Technical Support Operations Transformed

The adoption of the FUYL Smart Locker System and Incident IQ has transformed technical support operations at Hamilton County Schools, enhancing efficiency and minimizing disruption to learning. Through leadership and commitment to innovation, the district has established a model for effective technical support that benefits staff and students alike.

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