EPIC™ Docking Carts for Dell 3100 Chromebooks.

All the USB-C Docking Cart features you
could ever want at the price point you need.
Now that's EPIC.

Safely Maintain Broken Devices with Zero Human Interaction

Automate your break/fix workflow by distributing, maintaining and collecting mobile devices with FUYL Tower and LocknCharge Cloud.

Distance Learning   Remote Working

We are fully stocked and ready to ship.

Mobile Device

Disinfect tablets, phones and mobile devices in just 30 seconds to reduce the risk of bacteria and infections. UVone reduces SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by 99.99%*.

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How to Navigate Educational Technology in an Ever-Changing Landscape

From online learning to face-to-face instruction and everything in between, we explore tips and advice.

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Mobile Device Charging Stations & Charging Carts for  Multiple Devices

Charge any amount of devices; charge 5, 8, 36 or even 40 devices at a time – it just makes life easier.

Whether your school or business is deploying 5 mobile devices or 50,000 mobile devices, LocknCharge offers products such as multi device charging stations or charging carts to integrate mobile technology seamlessly into your workflow. While all of our mobile device charging stations are designed to store, charge and secure your mobile device investment, we also specialize facilitating deployment for 1:1 device programs, shared device programs, check-in/check-out systems and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs. 

Our multi device charging stations are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user. LocknCharge mobile device charging stations are highly durable so they will protect your costly device investment long into the future. Plus, many of our multi device charging stations feature a universal design, meaning your mobile charging station will provide consistent charging and high security to the devices you have today and the devices you have in the future. Some of our mobile device charging stations include the Putnam 16 Charging Station, FUYL Tower, Carrier 10 Charging Station, Joey 10 Charging Station,  our mobile charging station the CarryOn Mobile Charging Station. We also provide Charging Cart solutions that allow for easy transport of devices between classrooms or offices. The Carrier Cart, EVO 40 Cart, and the economical Joey Cart are durable options meant to charge, store, secure and transport devices now and well into the future.


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