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Enhancing Device Management and Security at Monticello Central School District with Smart Lockers and iiQ

Overview: One-to-One Student Device Program

Amando Colon, a Senior Network Engineer at Monticello Central School District, faced a significant challenge when the district transitioned to a one-to-one device program for students. This initiative resulted in several issues, primarily centered around the growing number of devices and the associated maintenance, collection, and distribution, which required additional tech team resources.

Multifaceted Device Management Challenges

  • Security and Loss of Devices: Students lacked secure places to charge devices, leading to frequent loss in public spaces.
  • Resource Strain: The tech support team faced difficulties in efficiently managing the large volume of devices, leading to delays in collecting and distributing them.

Solution Implemented: FUYL Smart Locker System + Incident IQ

To address these challenges, Monticello Central School District adopted the FUYL Smart Locker System and Incident IQ platform, which integrated ticketing and inventory management functionalities. This solution provided an innovative way to manage the device lifecycle effectively.

Inventory Management and Physical Device Management Benefits

  • Enhanced Inventory Management: With the implementation of FUYL Tower Smart Lockers and Incident IQ, the district experienced a significant improvement in maintaining accurate inventory. At the end of the year, this solution saved their tech team approximately a week's worth of time that would have been spent tracking down missing devices.
  • Efficient Device Swaps: The most significant impact was observed in device swaps due to breakage or new student admissions. Previously, devices were stored in less secure locations, leading to uncertainties about their whereabouts. With the FUYL Tower and Incident IQ, the district now had a precise record of the devices given to individuals, significantly improving security and accountability.

Time-Saving Results and Positive Future Outlook

The FUYL Tower not only streamlined device swaps and inventory tracking but also promised additional benefits:

  • Time Savings: The solution significantly saved time for the tech support team by automating several processes related to device management, leading to more efficient operations.
  • Enhanced Record Accuracy: Maintaining accurate records and insights into device usage and locations provided a clearer understanding of the devices' movements and status.


Amando Colon and the Monticello Central School District successfully addressed their district’s challenges by implementing the FUYL Smart Locker System and Incident IQ integration. The combination of ticketing and inventory management under one platform not only streamlined device management but also significantly enhanced security and accountability.

The implementation has resulted in considerable time savings and improved efficiency in managing the school's vast array of devices. This innovative approach is set to provide long-term benefits in device management and security for the institution.

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