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Rally Health Simplifies Loaner Laptop Check Out for Remote Employees


Background of Rally Health

It takes vision, coordination and innovation to make life easier. Ironically, it’s a lot of hard work. Rally Health knows full well that simplifying an industry–specifically the consumer health industry–is a complex job.

It all started when founder and CEO Grant Verstandig faced surgery to correct a chronic sports injury. What he had believed to be a minor setback to his college lacrosse career, proved later to be career-ending. Verstandig set out to solve the all-too-common disconnect between individuals and the realities of their own health and healthcare needs.

In a matter of a few years, Verstandig’s company caught the attention of healthcare giant, UnitedHealth Group. They were purchased and have since continued their rapid growth, now employing 1,000 people in offices across the U.S. They’ve also quickly broadened their scope of responsibilities, as they transition into becoming UnitedHealth’s primary digital services platform.

Challenge: Reliably Equipping Remote Employees with Loaner Laptops Around the Clock

Rally Health provides subscribers with online and mobile tools to compare insurance benefit options, search for healthcare providers and participate in employee wellness programs. As they make it easier for consumers to take health matters into their own hands, they too were looking for ways to empower their own growing staff.

For instance, every employee has a company-issued laptop–an essential tool for productivity. Many employees need access to their work remotely, whether from home or a meeting on the other side of the country. IT Operations Manager Gareth Stonebraker and his team are in charge of making sure those employees are reliably equipped, even when it means someone needs a spare laptop on a Sunday evening before a Monday morning flight.

Stonebraker was looking for a method of managing their loaner fleet of laptops in each office. He needed a 24/7 customer service solution that could make life easier for both employees seeking access, as well as his own team granting it.

Solution: Streamline Device Management for Employees with Time-Saving Technology

Stonebraker was first introduced to the LocknCharge FUYL TowerTM at a reputable conference trade show. He saw a live product demo and believed the intelligent charging locker with 15 individually lockable compartments might be just what they were looking for. So, he did his due diligence, consulted with a few key players and brought a 5-bay demo unit back to the office in D.C. for a test run.

It was a hit. Not only was Stonebraker impressed with the ease of working with LocknCharge throughout the process, he also found implementation to be a breeze.

Results: Ready-to-Use Loaner Laptops Anytime They're Needed, 24/7/365 Utilizing Smart Charging Lockers

Unlike many of his projects that are met with mixed reviews from the team, the FUYL Tower Smart Locker was fully and immediately embraced. Everyone was on board with the easy-to-use digital keypad and prompts that let employees help themselves to an assigned, fully-charged loaner laptop.

The tower also serves an important secondary purpose as secure overnight storage for many interns who don’t have their own locking filing cabinets for laptops or other mobile devices.

Even the design of the tower fits perfectly into the tech company’s culture. It’s sleek, it’s durable, it’s innovative and yet, it’s simple. With ever-evolving software and firmware upgrades and a limited lifetime warranty, which is vital for an agile, gumptious company like Rally Health.

They’re currently in the process of doubling the size of their D.C. office and expanding upon the theme of user self-service by adding a computer accessory vending machine.

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