iQ™ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD

Quickly charge, store, secure and transport 10 iPad and tablet devices.



LocknCharge Charging Stations Make Life Easier

LocknCharge allows organizations to reach their goals by saving a considerable amount of time in cart setup and use. Our charging carts are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user, solving pain points specific to your needs.

Charges Most USB-C iPad or Tablet Devices
Easy to Transport Devices
As Durable as it Gets
Lifetime Warranty
World-Class Customer Support

Key Features

Basket 4-square

Baskets by LocknCharge

These aren't your grandma’s Longaberger baskets. Slotted device Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer and more efficient.


Efficient PD Charging

Quickly charge 10 devices at once at 30W of power per USB-C port. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology that delivers much higher levels of power than standard charging when connected to a supported device.


Organized Cables

Minimize cord chaos by keeping those gosh darn cables secure once and for all. Cables stay organized in the unique top channel, allowing you to plug in devices quickly after each use. Excess from each cord is stored in a separate compartment, keeping your station neat and tidy. (Cables not included.)


Wall or Desk Mountable

iQ 10 Charging Stations with USB-C PD adapt to your surroundings. Transform any wall or counter into a secure area for charging mobile devices while taking up only minimal space.

Smarter Workflow

Save Time, Save Cheddar. Our goal is to save you valuable time, each and every day, thus saving you some serious cheddar. Our Baskets enable hand-out and pack-up of devices in less time, allowing you to forget about charging and focus on your goals.

Workflow graphic - Q 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD - Baskets by LocknCharge

Experience faster Charging with USB-C PD.
Get devices charged and back to use faster than ever before. Together, USB-C and PD (Power Delivery) are the dream team that deliver the fastest possible charge to compatible devices.

iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD Product Benefits

Efficient Power Delivery (PD)

Charge 10 devices at 30W of power per USB-C port. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology, supported by certain devices. This is done by negotiating the optimal charge rate with each device connected to the iQ 10 Charging Station. This means less time charging, and more time using your devices!

Efficient Setup and Cable Management

Efficiently set up your station while keeping cables organized during use. The rubber retention system firmly hold cables in place without causing damage. Cable your station with your own USB-C cables, or purchase our purpose-length 5 packs with right-angle USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Lightning connectors.

Small Footprint

Easily place the Charging Station on a counter or mount it to the wall. Either way, iQ 10 Charging Stations take up minimal space.


The iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD is compatible with the latest USB-C devices. Includes two small Baskets to hold devices up to 11” as well as a plastic device rack for storing larger tablets, with or without cases.


Protect your device investment without worry. Lock away devices in the storage area with a padlock. This Charging Station comes with a high-quality, stainless steel padlock keys.

Tough as Nails

iQ 10 Charging Stations are made with high-quality, welded steel and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

iQ 10 Charging Station with USB-C PD
Hardware Specs & Accessories

Device CompatibilityIncludes Two (2) Small Baskets and Racks

Basket Device Compatibility: 8.62" (L) x 11.61" (H) x 0.96" (Thick)
Rack Device Compatibility: Tablets no thicker than 0.925" (including case)
For helpful device compatibility guides, please visit our product support page.
Station Specs15.93" (L) x 12.62" (W) x 16.13"(H) | 31.4 lbs.
Station Power SpecsInput: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz 5.6A (Max)
Output: 30W of power per USB-C port
10 x 5V 3A | 9V 3A | 12V 3A | 15V 3A | 20V 5A (300W Max)
Type: USB Charger has a single IEC cable that plugs into a standard AC outlet
Station SecurityFully-Welded Steel Construction with Keyed Padlock
Product NumbersiQ 10 SKU: LNC7-10478
iQ 10 USB-C Prewired SKU: LNC7-10568
iQ 10 Lightning Prewired SKU: LNC7-10567
Please note: devices without PD-compatibility will not benefit from PD fast charging.
Optional AccessoriesUSB-C to USB-C Cables (5-Pack): 300mm, right-angle connector (10500)
USB-C to Lightning Cables (5-Pack): 300mm, right-angle connector (10501)
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on main frame, electrical and all other components

Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries.

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Optional Accessories

Small 11" Basket

Small Mobile Device Baskets for devices up to 11"

Available in Blue and Green, or in multi-packs.

Check Device Compatibility.

LocknCharge Keyed Padlock

The LocknCharge Keyed Padlock with logo allows you to replace the lock on an existing LocknCharge product that uses a Padlock.

LocknCharge USB-C to USB-C Cable with Right Angle, Pack of 5 (10500)

Set up your charging station with USB-C to USB-C cables. These purpose-length, right angle cables are designed to fit with LocknCharge charging stations.

LocknCharge USB-C to Lightning Cable with Right Angle, Pack of 5 (10501)

Set up your charging station with USB-C to lightning cables. These purpose-length, right angle cables are designed to fit with LocknCharge charging stations.

Replacement Power Cord (10343)

Replacement power cord from wall to unit for Putnam 8 & 16, Joey 10 and iQ 10. (Not compatible with iQ 10 Sync Charge Station).