Carrier 40 Cart™

Quick Benefits

  • Basket portability offers a more flexible work flow
  • Truly universal as it is compatible with Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices and more
  • Soft closing sliding lid
  • Simultaneously charge up to 40 devices
  • Eco Safe Charge power management
  • Easy cable management
  • Lifetime warranty

Charge, store, secure and transport up to 40 devices. The Carrier 40 Cart is designed to make life easier for Chromebook, Tablet, and iPad deployments.


  • Baskets by LocknCharge make device deployments faster, safer and more efficient. They are designed to accommodate Chromebook, Tablets, or iPad devices up to 13”.1
  • Efficient Charging. – With ECO Safe Charge, the Carrier 40 Cart charges devices safely and efficiently by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices. Additionally, a remote control is included so that the Cart can be turned on from almost anywhere.
  • Soft closing, sliding hood. Doubling as an additional workspace, the soft closing lid can hold up to 55 lbs of additional resources when extended.
  • Easy cable management. LocknCharge cable management has been simplified so that you can wire an entire Cart in minutes. Save time with set up and gain time using your Cart.
  • The larger device storage area means that Chromebook, Tablet, or iPad devices can be accessed easier and by more users at once.
  • Are your devices too big for the Baskets? The Carrier 40 Cart features a three level adjusting storage shelf. This allows users to insert the optional device wire storage racks into Cart’s storage area (which replaces the Baskets by LocknCharge). The storage racks are designed to accommodate up to 17″ laptops. You can buy them here.
  • Highly secure. Our heavy-duty construction and a two-point locking system protect your valuable device investment when they’re not in use. Additionally, an optional anchor kit can be used so that the Cart can be secured in one location.
  • Lifetime warranty.2 LocknCharge products are built to last.
  • Modular syncing (Optional). Think you may need syncing functionality in the future? Don’t buy a new Cart… Purchase the handheld iQ Sync Charge Box which allows you to carry the unit where syncing is required (sold separately).
  • External charging display. Easily know the charging status of your devices without opening the cart with the external charging display.
  • External power outlet. With an external power outlet, you can easily charge devices like a projector or other peripherals.
  • Future-Proof. Think inside the box, and you won’t be stuck with a bunch of outdated Carts. Removable racks and baskets allow this Cart to adapt to future needs as devices change or new technology (including STEM/STEAM) is added. To see how a Carrier Cart can be transformed into a mobile STEM/STEAM lab, click here.

Carrier  40 Cart Specifications:

External Product Dimensions
Height: 36.6 inches
Width: 26.3 inches
Length: 33.6 inches
Weight: 159.3 lbs

Carry Basket Internal Dimensions. Not sure whether your device fits?
Click here and download the device compatibility document. Follow the instructions to determine whether your device fits.

LocknCharge Product Code:

10141 – Carrier 40 (MK5)
L843224 – Carrier 40 Charge Only (MK4)

10108 – Carrier 40 20-Slot Wire Rack Pair for 10141 – buy now

10109- Carrier 40 18-Slot Wire Rack Pair for 10141 – buy now

LNC8105 – Carrier 40 20-Slot Wire Rack Pair for L843224 – give us a call at (888) 943-6803
LNC8106 – Carrier 40 18-Slot Wire Rack Pair for L843224 – give us a call at (888) 943-6803

Discontinued SKUs:
LNC8000 – Carrier 40 Version 1 Charge Only (discontinued)
LNC8008 – Carrier 40 Version 3 Charge Only (discontinued)
LNC8001 – Carrier 40 Version 1 Sync and Charge (discontinued)
LNC8007 –  Carrier 40 Version 3 Sync and Charge (discontinued)

L843214 – Carrier 40 Sync and Charge (Large Baskets)

Please note:
Maximum load of 55 lbs per soft closing, sliding hood when extended.
Images and specification are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ and is subject to change without notice. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc. Charging requires a power point. 1 May not fit all devices. Please check the dimensions of the device and the Carry Basket. Some Power Adaptors may not be compatible. Contact us for details and compatibility. 2 Click here for full warranty details. *Free shipping is from our distributors to our reseller partners, check with distribution for details.