Mobile Device Charging, Security and Sanitization Solutions for Manufacturing

Efficient Multi Device Charging Solutions for Manufacturing

The deployment of mobile devices throughout the business sector is quickly expanding. 85% of organizations are currently in the research or pilot phase of a deployment–many of which are implementing mobile devices with the goal of improving communications, reducing costs or increasing revenues.1 Would it surprise you learn that 73% of organizations fail to plan how they’ll centrally charge and secure those devices,1 prohibiting their program’s ability to achieve intended results?

Statistics show that 10% of devices break or go missing each year of a deployment,1 which may be avoided if the devices are centrally secured and charged. This critical oversight can create painful hassles for employees and administrators alike. LocknCharge exists to help organizations rise above the rest and achieve deployment objectives by offering a multi device charging station to streamline device deployment and secure your investments.

As mobile devices become even more critical in day-to-day operations within organizations, so too becomes the need to safely sanitize, secure and charge those devices. LocknCharge offers a variety of multi-device charging stations to meet the needs of all departments within your company.

LocknCharge has solutions ideal for handling the deployment of devices within the manufacturing industry. For a secure charging spot for devices after each shift, the FUYL Tower has found popularity in businesses, large and small, throughout the world. The FUYL Tower even includes a web-based remote backend management portal allowing administrators to monitor usage and lock and unlock doors remotely. 

Helping Manufacturers Reach Big-Picture Goals

Collect & Access Data

The ability to quickly and accurately collect company or customer data drives many organizations to deploy mobile devices. However, 41% of data breaches are caused by lost or stolen devices.2 Securing those devices in a durable LocknCharge charging solution can protect your business from thousands in crippling fines.

Increase Efficiency

In many cases, mobile devices are more efficient than paper processes. Devices that are centrally stored in a charging station with LED charging status indicator lights, such as a Putnam 8, ensure employees always know where to find a fully-charged device. By placing mobile device charging and sanitization stations in visible and convenient locations–workers are more likely to utilize those resources. LocknCharge solutions are designed with your space in mind. Our carts are easily maneuvered, and our stations have the ability to be mounted to the wall, making our product lineup robust enough to fit your needs.

Convert More Sales

Processing customer transactions more quickly leads to increased revenue, but it can’t be realized just by deploying mobile devices. Misplaced and uncharged devices lead to lost productivity and missed sales. Devices need to be centrally secured and fully charged in mobile charging station so that they’re ready to use at all times.

Decrease Costs

Mobile devices decrease costs by reducing manual and paper processes. They help keep track of inventory and contain costs in numerous other ways, but often overlooked is that organizations end up spending $1,800/employee each year on devices,3 adding back costs. A secure multi device charging station lowers your per-employee cost by reducing the number of lost or stolen devices.

Improve Communication

Uncharged and missing devices can derail an organization’s goal to improve communication. Centralized, secure device charging and sanitization sets your plan up for success by arming employees with devices are easy to access, ready for use and effectively disinfected.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers and clients expect open communication at all times of the day. When employees experience device downtime due to lost or broken devices, it can lead to unhappy customers, reputation damage, lost sales and missed opportunities. By implementing a FUYL Tower to automate manual processes for break/fix or loaner device programs, employees can get back up and running quickly without derailing anyone's day.

Product Solutions for Manufacturing

Save time and money by automating mobile device workflow.

FUYL Tower 5 and 15 by LocknCharge allow you to automate time-wasting manual processes for managing mobile devices, minimize device downtime, provide secure public charging on demand and much more.

Product Benefits

  • FUYL Tower Works Seamlessly in Many Mobile Device Environments such as Loaner Devices, Break/Fix, Check in/Out and Public Charging on Demand
  • Cloud-Based Intelligent Remote Management
  • Zero Human Interaction Device Management
  • Manage Access to Towers and Bays
  • Integrate with External Systems via API and Webhooks

Easily charge, store, secure and manage iPad or iPhone devices.

At a quick glance, the external lights allow you to easily know which devices are available for use. A centralized point of charging ensures that devices are always put back where they came from–and that they’re always charged and ready to go. Secure Lightning cables (included) reduce replacement cable costs by keeping cables safe and secure.

Product Benefits

  • Secure Lightning Cables Included
  • External Charging Status Display
  • No Tanged Cords
  • Integrated Combination Lock
  • Easy Setup

Charge, store, secure and carry up to 10 or 15 of just about any mobile device.

Save valuable time and money each and every day with the Carrier 10 or Carrier 15 Charging Station: simple to use, easy to set up and ultra secure.

Product Benefits

  • Baskets and Racks
  • Organized Cables
  • Wall or Desk Mountable
  • Easy Cable Management
  • Future Proof
  • Small Footprint

Simple, fast, zero-touch operation increases hygiene compliance.

Effective UV-C light disinfects viruses and bacteria up to a 99.999%* reduction in just 30 seconds. UVone kills SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, 10x more effectively than leading disinfecting wipes. With touchless sensors, users never physically touch the station, reducing cross contamination.

*LocknCharge's kill rate claims are based on data conducted by accredited laboratories.

Product Benefits

  • 99.999% Bacteria Reduction*
  • Reduces SARS-CoV-2, the Virus that Causes COVID-19, by 99.99%*
  • Rapid UV-C Technology Disinfects in Just 30 Seconds
  • 6X Quicker than Disinfecting Wipes
  • Can be Placed Anywhere that is Convenient and Visible
  • Touchless, Motion-Activated Door

How much is device downtime costing your business?

Cost of Down Devices-V2-01

Keep Your Mobile Workforce Working with Smart Charging Lockers

Loaner Devices
Check In/Check Out
Shared Device Programs
Public Charging on Demand
Secure Overnight Charging for Individuals

Example Workflows

Check-in/Check-out Program

At the start of each shift, workers use their assigned PINs or RFID badges to open an assigned locker and retrieve a device. At the end of the day, they put their devices back in a locker, where they will be charged and kept secure. In addition to physical security, the FUYL Tower’s embedded computer automatically applies security software updates as they become available. This feature ensures that for Towers connected to a network, security software is up to date and more prepared against cyber attacks.

Device Loaner or Break/Fix Program 

What happens if a device goes missing, encounters a fatal error, or gets damaged during a shift? With an additional FUYL Tower for “hot spares,” no time is lost getting devices into the hands of workers who need them. Your employees can simply use a PIN or swipe their RFID badge and be on their way with a loaner device for the day. The only time taken from an IT Member’s or a media specialist’s day is providing the PIN or RFID access. Alternatively, through the use of API, automation rules that work best for your business can be created to help streamline device management for check in check out, break/fix, loaner devices, etc. Read more about how to keep working devices in the hands of staff while balancing time, resources and budget.  

Key Benefits of LocknCharge for Manufacturing

Compatible and Secure

We have a solution to charge, store and secure just about any mobile device out there.*

Efficient Workflow

Our goal is to save your employees time by allowing for efficient charging and quicker distribution of devices.

Small Footprint

We design our products to take up the least amount of space possible–which means your charging solution will fit into your current floor plan.

Customer Support that Goes Above and Beyond

Our local Customer Support Team will help solve any issue you may have with your LocknCharge product. Plus, a dedicated support website empowers you with valuable resources to easily troubleshoot common questions.

Lifetime Warranty Logo
Durable Products & Lifetime Warranties

Our products are made with high-quality steel and most are backed by a lifetime warranty unmatched in the market, protecting your device investment without worry. Visit lockncharge.com/warranty for complete warranty details.

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*May not fit all devices. Please check the dimensions of the device and the Carry Basket. Some Power Adapters may not be compatible.  Contact us for details and compatibility. Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc.  4 Visit lockncharge.com for warranty details.

Sources: 1www.lockncharge.com/research,  2www.forbes.com/sites/steveolenski/2017/12/08/is-the-data-on-your-business-digital-devices-safe/#c731e964c6a3,