Efficient Multi Device Charging Stations for Healthcare Providers

Easily Charge, Store and Secure Hospital and Patient-Owned Mobile Devices.

LocknCharge has solutions ideal for the increased use of mobile devices within the healthcare community. We have a variety of secure charging solutions that can improve efficiency, protect patient information, improve patient satisfaction, enable communication and much more.

As mobile devices become even more critical in day-to-day operations within hospitals, so too becomes the need to safely secure and charge those devices. LocknCharge offers a variety of multi-device charging stations to meet the needs of individual departments within a hospital.

To help facilitate HIPPA compliance, we can help your organization reach beyond digital security to provide an additional layer of physical security. LocknCharge products also create employee efficiencies and increase patient engagement, education and entertainment. In a world where patient satisfaction is as important as the medical care they receive, mobile devices will only become more important to patient experience.

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