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Flight School Uses Charging Towers to Manage iPads

09.01.18 in Case studies, Industry News, News, Product News, Testimonials

 “The entire system has come together quite nicely and our pilots love it, but there were several obstacles to overcome along the way,” Rossini said. “The first issue I ran into was where to securely store 10 iPads while keeping them charged. After a few hours of searching online, I found a charging tower designed for schools or malls as a secure place to charge devices. We got in touch with the company and they enabled a back-end management system that allows us to set the PIN codes for each locker. It’s a significant investment at $4,000, but the cost of replacing 10 iPads is just as much. It is also nice because we have a few extra lockers to expand into or the instructors can use them to charge their own devices between flights,” Rossini said.

Empowering Students with Mobile Device Charging Stations

27.12.17 in Case studies, Industry News, News, Product News, Testimonials

US News | LocknCharge DeForest Area School District adds four…

Homeless Youth Get a Fresh Start with the Help of Technology

21.12.17 in Case studies, Industry News, News, Product News, Testimonials

Mobile device charging station part of a life-altering makeover at Covenant House shelter in Los Angeles
The homeless teens and young adults who come to Covenant House California are hoping for a fresh start in life. To help them gain independence and put them on a path to success, Covenant House gives them food, shelter, clothing, education, and emotional support. And thanks to a recent makeover by Oprah Winfrey, homeless youth served by the Los Angeles branch now have access to a state-of-the-art to keep their phones and other devices fully charged and secure so they can complete schoolwork, look for a job, or even just stay in touch with family and friends.

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