ECO Safe Charge™ Power Management System by LocknCharge

ECO Safe Charge Functions

The remote-controlled ECO Safe Charge™ Power Management System has the capability to charge multiple laptops and power other electrical equipment safely and efficiently. ECO Safe Charge is essential when a high capacity Charging Station or Charging Cart needs to simultaneously charge a large number of devices.

The intelligent ECO Safe Charge™ Power Management System provides four essential functions:

  1. SAFE-ON: sequentially stages power to each group of outlets, reducing the possibility of a momentary electrical overload when multiple laptops are first powered on. This mode will work up to 1500 Watts.
  2. ECO-TIMER-ALL: sequentially stages power to each group of outlets but automatically turns the power off after a selected time has elapsed. Use this mode to quickly charge all laptops if it is permissible to charge them together without causing a general electrical overload.
  3. ECO-TIMER-CYCLE: individually powers each group of outlets at a time for the duration selected then automatically turns the power off before applying power to the next group of outlets until it has cycled through all groups of outlets. Use this mode to prevent a general electrical overload if all the laptops require more power than is permitted to be supplied to all laptops together. If your devices require more than 1500 Watts, use ECO-TIMER-CYCLE to stage the availability of power to avoid overload.
  4. SAFE-OFF: this function turns off all outlets.
Benefits of ECO Safe Charge
  • Reduces the possibility of blowing a circuit when a Cart or Station filled with devices is plugged into a single outlet.
  • The ECO-TIMER™ functions can reduce your energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, extend the life of device batteries and reduce your power bills.
Understanding AMPS

A typical home circuit is 15 amps, which equates to 1875 watts. A commercial circuit can carry 20 amps, which equates to 2400 watts. By using a LocknCharge product featuring ECO Safe Charge, it's possible to charge up to 1500 watts in SAFE-ON mode. You may experience challenges if all of your devices are fully-depleted, if you're charging 40 devices that are supplied with more than 45-watt power supplies, or if the same circuit is pulling power to charge other electronics in addition to the Cart. The reason for these challenges is that the devices will pull too much current for the ECO Safe Charge, and the circuit breaker will open. To fix this issue, simply change the charging mode to 3-hour ECO-TIMER-CYCLE to get the devices up and charging. Once the devices have some charge in them, the Cart should be able to continue in the ECO-TIMER-ALL mode to keep them charged during the day.

Setting Up ECO Safe Charge
Click to Download the ECO Safe Charge Instruction Manual or flyer on ECO Safe Charge.


Any LocknCharge products featuring ECO Safe Charge or ECO Smart Charge that were manufactured on or before August 13, 2021 have max current of 15A. Products manufactured after this date have a max current of 12A. This change is in compliance with UL 62368-1 standard.