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Consumer vs. Professional Grade Device Charging Stations

July 19, 2018
Consumer vs. Professional Grade Device Charging Stations
We all love to bag a bargain. But many of us also know through experience the meaning of a false economy. According to a study by, a financial services comparison website, one of the biggest false economies is comparing only price, not quality, when purchasing a product or service. The study, named “The top 20 false economies”, claimed that 38% of people admitted they had been a victim of this in the past.

So why is it that so many professional organizations still get caught out thinking they can get exactly what they need for a bargain price?

With so many mobile devices in use, and an increasing number being used for work purposes, the number of tablets and mobiles that need charging is vast. That is why for many organizations, mobile charging stations have become commonplace, as they carry many benefits over individual charging of devices. But for those looking for a good deal, are consumer grade charging stations inferior to professional grade tablet charging stations?

If we look at the number of smartphones that were stolen or lost (and never recovered) in 2013 alone, which amounts to more than 4 million, the benefits of ensuring your smartphone or device is safe and secure when not in use are clear. 44% of thefts happen because the victim left their device unattended in public places.* With a professional grade charging station that focuses on charging as well as security, there is no need for that to happen.

James Symons, CEO of Lockncharge explains, “All of the products LocknCharge offers are designed with the user in mind. Devices are expensive and should be protected at all times during charging. That is why we offer mobile device security that is second to none. Nearly all LocknCharge tablet charging stations are extremely durable, featuring high-quality steel and ultra-secure, hardened locks for ultimate protection.

“In addition to the safety of your device and the cost of losing a device, there is also data and personal information to consider – as well as additional factors such as breakage rates.

“Nearly 41% of all data breach events from 2005 through 2015 were caused by lost devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.** That is a huge number and can have a consequential impact on leakage of personal data. This is not only a breach of privacy for the user, but can also in some circumstance be illegal if there is legislation to protect personal data.

“Furthermore, when deploying devices, a breakage rate of around 8-10% can be experienced. Counting 100 x iPads, with 10% breakage rate of a $300 device, that works out at $3000/year for a small deployment. In addition, the more time your staff takes to track down missing devices or to deal with breakages, the less productive they are.”

Mobile Device Charging Stations for Hospitals and Business

The above reasoning alone should be enough to start the integration to a professional mobile device charging station. But if you are still wondering why it is potentially better to invest in a professional charging station, a Chromebook Cart, an iPad Cart, a laptop charging station or other, here are some additional points to consider below:

Lifetime Warranty

Do consumer grade products offer enough warrant protection? LocknCharge products offer a lifetime warranty, ensuring you won’t have to replace your charging stations. This can lead to a big saving in the long run.

A Central Point of Charging

With multiple consumer charging stations compared to one central professional grade station, employees may not know where to find devices at the beginning of the day. A central point of charging can save a lot of time, and also helps as they know where to put them at the end of the day, meaning devices are always charged and ready to go.

Unique Charging Station or Cart Features

Be it the external lights of the Putnam 8 or 16 Charging Stations that lets employees know at a single glance if a device is fully charged, saving them valuable time, or the backend management portal on the FUYL Tower allowing employees to seamlessly check-in/out devices without assistance from a staff member – LocknCharge offers solutions and features far superior to many other consumer charging stations. LocknCharge products are designed to save time and make life more convenient.

Small Footprint with Efficient Charging

If space is at a premium in your office/workspace, LocknCharge offers several compact charging stations to meet just about any need. The stations charge 5-40 devices simultaneously from one outlet without any worry about blowing a fuse. From a health and safety perspective, this also helps when weighing up potential risks and hazards in the workplace.

Adaptable and Future-Proof Charging Solutions

Is the consumer product universal? LocknCharge charging stations easily accommodate multiple device types and have the ability to adapt to different devices as technology changes. Open concept designs of the Carrier Charging Stations, Carrier and Joey Carts and Revolution 32 Cabinet means users can store and secure more than just mobile devices. Simply remove the provided racks or baskets and use the space to fit your unique charging and security needs.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with comparing the price of an item or a service to the benefits it provides. In fact, it makes very good financial sense to do so. However, as finance information Money Expert advises, you must consider the price and the quality holistically. For until you have explored this, you cannot fully appreciate which offers better value to your business or organization.

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