Reducing Paper. Reducing Recidivism. U.S. Prisons Putting Tablets into Secure Circulation.


More than half of all prisoners will be rearrested within three years of their release according to the National Bureau of Justice statistics on recidivism. Look inside the nation’s prisons and jails and you’ll find 2.2 million men and women serving time for the crimes they’ve committed, but you’ll also find some of the men and women most committed to making positive change. Take for instance teams of leaders, officers and IT professionals who have taken on the huge undertaking of bringing secure tablet technology programs to their prisoners.

Utilizing Edovo tablets and software, agencies across the country are bringing daily access to education, rehabilitation, and communication to their correctional facilities. With pre-loaded Edovo tablets, users unlock access to games, movies and other entertainment by progressing through free educational, vocational and life-skill training modules.

The goals behind these initiatives are ample; to promote positive change in offender behavior, to provide a sense of normalcy and reentry readiness, and to increase efficiency while helping move facilities closer to paperless processes. Even with the potential to make such a significant impact, these programs never make it past the drawing board without first establishing effective security measures.


Developing a deployment plan for such a large base of shared users is a challenge in and of itself. Considering the added risks that come within a prison system, security is the paramount concern. So when an agency is looking at bringing Edovo tablets into a facility, they are simultaneously looking for the safest, most secure table charging station for charging and storing them as well.


With durable construction, two-point locking systems and optional floor-mounting anchor kits to safeguard a fleet of tablets, LocknCharge Charging Carts™ are an essential piece of a successful implementation. Device Baskets by LocknCharge help keep things organized and easy to distribute, collect and assess any missing pieces.

The effortless mobility of the carts allows prison staff to roll devices from one unit to another and back to their storage hub for cleaning, charging and letting software updates run overnight. The Carts include unique, secure cabling systems that ensure cords can’t be easily removed and used to charge contraband smartphones.

Edovo’s prison tablet program also allows for increased efficiency of communication among inmate populations and employees. When time-consuming forms are digitized, staff are able to spend more time focused on managing people instead of paperwork. That’s an important benefit, considering inmates often find themselves with an abundance of idle time. Being able to successfully incentivize good behavior with the use of tablets is game changing. Thanks to secure solutions from LocknCharge, these programs are possible.

Agencies nationwide are seeing inmates choose to learn new languages or master new skills through access to the Edovo software platform. The exposure to current technology alone is helpful, too. Inmates will leave knowing how to navigate digital interfaces, apply for jobs online and avoid falling behind our ever-changing digital society. They’re given the tools and opportunity to make positive changes on their own time, and they’re using them.

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